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The Shower is the New Sedan

Your home is your personal sanctuary. These days, there are kitchen and bathroom accessories that aren't designed to merely function. Instead, they are created as an artistic statement with superior function in mind.

Austpek searched the industry far and wide for products that showcase the exceptional form, striking design and useful features that will make you cherish them for years to come. At Austpek, we don't just sell bathroom tapware. Instead, we see ourselves as partners in designing your home. Our dedicated staff is there for you from your first call until your purchase is completed to fulfilment.

Great Design is an Adventure and Partnership

Members of the Austpek team travel across Australia to factories, sales outlets and homes to see our product in action. They are experts with an eye for design, and they are ready to help you equip your home with the best products for your tastes and budget. We listen to our clients and update our product lines constantly based on client feedback. Get in touch! We look forward to hearing what you think.

We Build Friendships With Manufacturers

Believe it or not, manufacturers love to meet with us! When delegates from one of our luxury brands come to visit our offices or warehouse, we don't just have business relationships with our suppliers, we build genuine friendships. We are all passionate about the same thing: bringing high-end bathroom accessories to our clients.

They know that Austpek is a brand that they can be proud to partner with. It's synonymous with quality and attention to detail, and we are proud to win over today's sophisticated customers. The manufacturers and brands we partner with give us the best they've got so we can satisfy your needs, and when they're rolling out a hot new product we're the first to know about it!