Revamp Your Bathroom with Austpek’s AI (Beta)
Upload a photo and watch as our AI crafts your perfect bathroom makeover in seconds.
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Step 1: Upload Image
Drop an image, tap, take a
photo, or CTRL_V
Supported image type .jpg, .jpeg, .png only
The image dimensions must be 512x512 pixels or greater
Step 2: Customize
  • Mode Beautiful Redesign: Keeps structural elements intact, ensuring a refined transformation.
    Creative Redesign: Gives the AI full creative freedom to reimagine your space.
  • Design Style
  • Number of Designs
  • Ai intervention Control the number of changes you want the AI to make to your upload. For the best results, leave this option to MEDIUM.
    You can try with LOW and EXTREME if you don't get good results with MEDIUM.
    • Very Low
    • Low
    • Medium
    • Extreme
  • Custom AI Instructions Add personalized instructions for the AI to follow, such as preferred colors, textures, or furniture types. Use this feature to provide specific details about your desired design outcome.
    Note: This feature is still in BETA and results might be inconsistent.