Guide on Choosing between Different Tapware for Your Vanity

Guide on Choosing between Different Tapware for Your Vanity

A new tapware set instantly transforms a bathroom, whether you're remodeling or simply refreshing it. When selecting a new tap, it's important to consider shapes, finishes and designs that suit your space.

What’s your bathroom style?

Choosing tapware starts with considering the design of your bathroom - is it traditional or contemporary? Quirky or formal? Avoid a disjointed look by choosing a tap that fits seamlessly with the rest of the room.

Traditional bathrooms benefit from rounded tapware. Bolder fixtures like chunkier square shapes and architecturally designed faucets can be used in contemporary and minimalist bathrooms.

Combining both is ideal if your bathroom is balanced between the two. For a more organic look and feel, square taps with rounded edges or vice versa are popular options.

What is a Basin Mixer Tap?

The outlet is controlled by a single lever handle that combines hot and cold water for a custom water temperature. The convenience of using mixer taps is its ease of use, with a simple one-handed operation. Their installation is usually in the middle of the basin, just behind the bowl. Mixer taps come in two primary varieties. In one set, the water is mixed with a single handle, and in another set, the water is mixed with two handles.

Types of Basin Mixer Taps

You can choose from many different types of basin mixer taps. Among the common varieties are:

Vessel Mixer Taps or Tall Basin Mixer Tap

With a tall basin mixer tap or extended basin mixer, you can place your tapware anywhere in your bathroom for a sophisticated look. To create an eye-catching look, vessel mixers can be installed on one side instead of behind the basin. Vessel mixers have an extra height, making them ideal for above-counter basins.

Wall Mixer Taps

The wall mixer makes a statement in the bathroom with a streamlined aesthetic. If your bathroom is on the smaller side, they're ideal because they free up countertop space. For small bathrooms, wall-mounted basin mixer taps are perfect. Only 3 small holes are needed to install these taps in the wall. Keep water pressure in mind when choosing wall-mounted basin mixer taps.

Why Should You Opt For Mixer Taps For Bathroom & Basin?

  • Better Control: The temperature can be easily set from the taps using a mixer tap. For shaving and washing, you can precisely control the water temperature as it comes out of the tap.
  • Savings: Mixer taps are usually fitted with flow-limiters to prevent taking too much water from the cold and hot pipes at once. When you mix hot water into a single flow, you'll save energy and use less water, which is good for the environment.
  • Adaptability: Bathroom basins, kitchen sinks, and bath spaces can all use mixer taps. For instance, you can have separate hot and cold water taps for your basin and mixer taps for the bathroom or vice versa. Adaptability is a key feature of mixer taps.