It’s a fact that your bathroom may receive massive footfall every day. That means your toilet is indeed one of the most vital aspects of your bathroom. When you’re building a new bathroom or remodelling your existing one, it’s often hard to decide which specific toilet style will suit your bathroom space to a tee.

When picking a toilet style, you’ll have to factor its types, shapes, sizes, and styles. Other than that, you have to get your hands on a toilet style that’s aesthetically grand and practically pleasing as well. In this explainer, we’re going to give you the lowdown on the toilet style that brings next-level aesthetics along with superior practicality.

That style is known as back-to-wall toilets. At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find a wide gamut of back-to-wall toilets that’ll complement the look and feel of any bathroom. So, in this explainer, let’s see what all you have to look for while buying a back-to-wall toilet.

Where usability mixes with durability

Every toilet style, whether it’s back-to-wall or closed-couple, must be usable and durable in equal measure. Long story short: Only the best back-to-wall toilets blend durability and usability easily. While finding your next back-to-wall toilets at Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll be greeted by a humongous collection of this toilet style that brings not just durability but also usability.

Most back-to-wall toilets at Austpek Bathrooms use high-quality vitreous china making it pretty durable. Other than that, the bathroom must even have removable seat that’ll facilitate its easy cleaning. For example, the rimless bowl design of back-to-wall ensures easy cleaning. And you’ll easily find a back-to-wall toilet in such a design. Most back-to-wall toilets at this online store have concealed trapway and skirted styling—these features make this toilet style easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

Delivering luxurious bathroom experience every time

Now that the usability and durability features of a back-to-wall toilet are out of the way, it comes down to style. If you need a hotel-chic and ultra-luxurious toilet in your bathroom, you need a back-to-wall toilet that’s made by leading brands.

At Austpek Bathrooms, we make sure to bring a huge collection of back-to-wall bathrooms from leading brands such as Inspire, Johnson Suisse, KDK, Linkware, Poseidon, and TOTO. The back-to-wall toilets, which you’ll find at this store, come with many small features that make them luxurious. For instance, the back-to-wall toilets available at this online store come with reduced flushing sound that’ll only add to the overall bathroom experience. Besides, some back-to-wall toilet seats are even built to get released quickly for minimising the wait time.

Even better, Austpek Bathroom offers back-to-wall toilets that come with an automated mechanism for opening and closing the toilet lid. This online store stocks some of the best back-to-wall toilets that come with soft lighting function, which works automatically and helps in night time usage.

When toilet hygiene meets eco-friendliness

Most of you may want your toilet to have water-saving capabilities. That way, you’ll do your bit in contributing to eco-friendliness. The back-to-wall toilets available at Austpek Bathrooms will help you save water because they come equipped with a water-saving dual flush that can save a lot of water.

At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll even find some back-to-wall toilet designs that require very little water pressure so that not much water is wasted in flushing. In addition, for maintaining proper bathroom hygiene, the back-to-wall toilet style comes with tornado flushing. This specific flushing will help in making flushing water-efficient and powerful all the same. Besides, these back-to-wall toilets come from brands that have already made significant investments in preventing debris to get collected on the toilet’s surface.

Wrapping it up

So, now, it’s clear about what you need to look for when buying your back-to-wall toilet. And if you really need a lot of options in terms of sizes and colours, then Austpek Bathrooms will be your best bet. This online store comes with a wide gamut of back-to-wall toilet designs that’ll help you find your ideal toilet style easily and quickly.