Finding the right handheld shower for your money is challenging because there’s a sea of options to pick from. As there are so many options of handheld showers, even the most experienced buyers can get confused.

Besides having so many handheld shower options, you have to decide on a number of other factors ranging from construction material and flow rate to finish and weight. If you’re in the market to buy a sturdy and super-functional handheld shower, read this guide.

Here, we’ll drop three of the most important features that every top-of-the-line handheld shower must have.

Works like a charm

For starters, your new handheld shower should work seamlessly. Yes, if your newly purchased handheld showerhead is creating some sort of difficulty in working, then what’s the point of having one in the first place anyway? At Austpek Bathrooms, we have a wide selection of handheld showers that sure work like a charm.

Best of all, these showers are easy to set up and even easier to maintain. Almost every handheld shower at this online store comes with a shower that has an adjustable height.

That way, using such a shower isn’t a hassle for people of varying heights. Some handheld showerheads at this online store come with a dedicated sliding lower bracket for making sure it has an adjustable mounting position.

Other than that, keeping in mind that the handheld shower you buy at this store is easy to maintain, it comes with microfiber filter traps. With the help of these specially designed traps, it is easier to remove residual rust, contaminants, and dirt gathered through different water piping systems.

Some handheld showers available at Austpek Bathrooms come with a flexible hose that is easy to clean. All in all, if you need a top-class handheld shower that’s easy to install, use, and maintain, then browse through the wide collection available at this store.

Features a good in-hand feel

When you put your hands on the shower hose, it should feel comfortable to hold. That’s why more and more buyers like you prefer to have a smooth shower hose. You can find the most ergonomically designed handheld showerheads at Austpek Bathrooms.

The showerhead found at this online store has an amazing grip, which means there’ll be very few chances of slipping it in the first place. Having a handheld showerhead with a good grip actually goes a long way in improving the showering experience.

Showcases not just style but even durability

Buying a good handheld showerhead means you have to invest in something that’s stylish and durable in equal measure. At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find a huge collection of beautiful handheld showerheads available in different finishes including chrome and nickel chrome.

As far as their durability goes, these handheld showers are made from extremely durable materials including stainless steel and dezincification brass. Because of its materials, these showerheads offer so much in terms of quality and durability.

Finding such a showerhead

When you look for a handheld showerhead with all these features, it comes down to Austpek Bathrooms. At this online store, you’ll find a superior collection of such showerheads that come from different brands including Hellycar, JohnsonSuisses, Linsol, Phoenix, Modern National, and TOTO.

For being aesthetically pleasing, these showerheads come in different finishes and the most durable materials that make the bathroom accessory a must-buy. Best of all, these showerheads are available in a variety of elegant colours such as brushed bronze, champagne, copper, Flemish copper, and black.

Browse through the store’s entire gamut of handheld showerheads and discover which one is the right fit for your bathroom.