A dimly-lit bathroom won’t let you see what’s going on there. Most importantly, it won’t even let you properly apply your night makeup. In such a situation, a backlit LED vanity mirror will be your knight in shining armour—the pun was intended.

But buying a good LED vanity mirror for your bathroom is a challenging task all the same. Why? Well, the thing is that there are many LED vanity mirrors in the bathroom. Because of the sheer range of these mirrors, it’s challenging for you to make the right choice. Since there are many features of an LED vanity mirror, you may easily get confused about which one is the best option for you.

Which is why, we have brought this explainer where we’ll give you the low-down on the top features that every LED vanity mirror should have. Ready? Let’s dive into these top-rated features.

Let there be light for long

First and foremost, you must factor in the life of the LED lights. Of course, you wouldn’t want an LED lighting mirror whose lights only last for a few hours. At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll get vanity mirrors whose LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours. By investing in such a vanity mirror, you’ll make sure that there’s light in your bathroom space for a long time.

Aesthetically pleasing in the long run

Mirrors with lights can easily get hideous black spots that snatch away the quality of the mirror, much less its aesthetic sheen. Which is exactly why, it makes sense to invest in an aesthetically pleasing mirror that won’t lose its brilliance for a long time. Austpek Bathrooms has tied up with a leading LED vanity mirror brand—Inspire—that have invested in copper-free technology. When your LED mirror has this sort of technology, it won’t have black spotting around its edges. That way, the mirror will look as good as new even in the long run.

Technologically ahead of the curve

Other than having technology that prevents black spotting, the vanity mirror must also have cool technology that’ll make its functionality seamless. For example, the LED vanity mirrors you’ll find at Austpek Bathrooms come outfitted with such kind of technology. For example, these mirrors have a touch sensor on/off button on the mirror itself. That means a touch of your fingers will make the mirror glow—quite futuristic, right? Besides, LED vanity mirrors at this online store even have Bluetooth technology. With the help of this particular technology, you can sync your mirror with your music player or smartphone. That’s how you can program your mirror to play all your favourite tracks while you get ready for your next bash.

Wrapping it up

Now, you know what all the cool features you must expect your next LED vanity mirror to have. And, best of all, each of these features is available in the range of LED vanity mirrors brought to you by Austpek Bathrooms. Browse through the complete collection of LED vanity mirrors at this online store and find the one that fits your budget and needs snugly.