Being one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of toilets, TOTO exactly knows what goes behind building a quality plumbing product. There are more than a hundred toilets from TOTO right now. At Austpek Bathrooms, which is one of the biggest suppliers of TOTO in Oceania, you’ll find a humungous collection of TOTO toilets and bathroom accessories. But when you have such a wide variety of TOTO toilets and plumbing fixtures, you’ll have a lot of questions from a shopper’s point of view.

Which is why, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about TOTO toilets and answered them in here. This way, we’re doing whatever is possible to help you make an informed buying decision as far as purchasing toilets go.

Question : Does the TOTO toilet come in white?

TOTO toilet in plain white is definitely the standard choice of colour for most toilets. At Austpek Bathrooms, we offer TOTO toilets in white that adds elegance to your bathroom space.

Question : Does TOTO toilet come with hands-free operations?

Yes, some variants of TOTO toilets pack the tech where they can be used without even touching it. For instance, a specific TOTO toilet model may have an in-built sensor that’ll sense your presence. Because of that sensor, the toilet seat will be lifted down automatically whenever you step into the bathroom. Which is why, TOTO harnesses hands-free operations to make sure that bathroom hygiene goes to the next level.

Question : Has TOTO deployed a new generation of flushing systems?

TOTO is an eco-friendly toilet that comes equipped with a flushing system. This flushing mechanism helps you save a lot of water. Whenever you press the flush button of a TOTO toilet, you save a specific amount of water. This way, installing a TOTO toilet in your bathroom will help you do you bit in protecting the planet and its water resources. And just because TOTO flushes save water doesn’t mean they don’t perform well. For TOTO, hygiene is a top priority just like water-preservation.

Question : Is it difficult to clean a TOTO toilet?

Not at all, actually. TOTO toilets can be removed easily to make sure that cleaning is done as seamlessly as possible. Because of its ease of maintenance, more and more Australians prefer having a TOTO toilet installed in their bathrooms.

Summing it up

Now, you know a thing or two about TOTO toilet. And we really hope that all your questions regarding this toilet variety have been answered. Just in case you have a few questions that were not covered in these five questions, then connect with our sales team today. The team will be happy to field any questions regarding the performance, cost, and longevity of TOTO toilets.