The coronavirus pandemic created acute shortages of bathroom tissues in Australia. And that’s why more and more Australians thought of bypassing the need of having toilet rolls in their bathrooms in the first place. But cutting back on the use of toilet paper may not seem to be normal at first because of your heavy reliance on it. Nonetheless, it’s completely possible to reduce the use of toilet paper by upgrading your bathroom in a way that the space incorporates the latest toilet technology such as the bidet.

Bidets: The most revolutionary sanitary products from the past

The idea of bidets was developed in France in the 16th century. In the early days, a bidet was a separate sanitary fixture from the toilet. A bidet is used for cleaning your intimate areas when you have used the loo. But as the years passed, the tech progressed and the need to have compact bathroom spaces became the new normal.

That’s when a bidet seat was developed in a way that it could be easily attached to the toilet itself. Nowadays, a bidet seat can bring down your reliance on paper products all the while enhancing the cleanliness quotient of your overall bathroom hygiene.

A bidet seat is easily one of the easiest drop-in replacements for your present toilet seat. This particular toilet seat easily ties into your toilet’s water supply. Now, let’s get down to understanding how bidets work.

The basic idea behind a bidet’s working

The concept behind a bidet’s working is quite straightforward. The sanitary product uses a gentle stream of water for cleaning the bottoms every time you’ll use a loo. Because of that water stream, you’ll cut back on the use of toilet rolls. Even if you need the toilet paper after using a bidet, it’ll be just to dry your bottoms once you’ve cleaned them using water.

Once you’ll start using a bidet seat, you’ll think that any toilet that doesn’t have one is basically primitive. What’s more? You may even find it quite hard to go back to the old way of using the toilet after you’ve gotten used to these marvelous sanitary creations of the yore.

But getting your hands on the right bidet accessory is easier said than done since there are so many options. Here’s where TOTO, a leader in making bidet seats, comes to the fore.

TOTO’s bidet seats give convenience with hygiene

The TOTO bidet toilet seat is an electronic sanitary product boasting luxurious features such as a heated seat along with an endless and gentle water stream. Best of all, since this bidet seat gets connected with the bathroom main water supply, it’s mostly tankless and less hassle-free.

Along with that, TOTO bidets—which are also known as washlets—are heavily automated to take your experience of using bathrooms to a whole new level of convenience. A case in point: Some variants of TOTO bidets come with sensors that’ll detect your presence in the bathroom and raise the toilet lid. That way, the overall experience of interacting with the toilet becomes hands-free and more convenient. Other than that, TOTO designs bidets with in-built air deodoriser that automatically releases soothing fragrance in the air after you’ve done your business in the bathroom.

All in all, the bidets from TOTO with all its bells and whistles will definitely improve your experience of using toilets.

Finding the right TOTO bidets in Australia

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