You prioritise efficiency over power in toilets so that you can help sustain the environment. But what do you have to look for when it comes to getting your hands on a toilet that helps you save the environment?

The thing is that you have to choose a water-efficient toilet. The traditional toilets can consume a lot of water — nearly 3 gallons. So, switching to a water-efficient toilet that consumes up to half the amount of water needed by standard options is a big plus for the environment.

To be counted among the most water-efficient toilets, a plumbing fixture will have to meet specific requirements. The most obvious requirement, however, will be for the toilet to consume less water whenever you flush without compromising on the bathroom’s hygiene.

When it comes to discovering the most water-efficient toilet, it sure comes down to TOTO Washlet. In this explainer, we’re going to know exactly why TOTO Washlet is one of the most water-efficient and eco-friendly toilet options out there.

Here’s how having TOTO Washlet helps you go green

Water-saving at its best

Some of the TOTO Washlet models look super-fantastic since they help you bring down the amount of water consumed whenever you flush. Washlet harnesses game-changing technology to help you save water without sacrificing on flushing effectiveness ever.

Reducing the reliance on papers

Since Washlet consumes water, you may easily bring down the number of toilet rolls you need. For example, most people having TOTO Washlet needs only paper for drying themselves instead of cleaning themselves. That means the total number of toilet rolls you’ll buy when you use a Washlet will be lower than someone who still sticks to a traditional toilet.

Buying TOTO Washlet from an authorised TOTO dealer in Australia

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Now, what’s holding you back? Get your hands on the best TOTO Washlet model that helps you become the tree-hugger you always wanted to be. Browse through the entire collection of TOTO toilets available here today and make a pick that suits your budget and needs the most.