The use of bidets is common in most parts of the world. Bidets have risen to considerable popularity because this special appliance improves a bathroom’s use and hygiene. When it comes to Australian bathrooms though, you may not find bidets so easily. Why? Because Australians still show their allegiance to toilet papers.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t completely trust bidets, then this post is for you. Here, we’re going to dive deep into how bidets will enhance your experience of using bathrooms easily and quickly. But before delving into the benefits that bidets bring to the table, let’s quickly check out this bathroom appliance’s history.

The interesting history of bidets

First things first, let’s see how the word “bidet” is actually pronounced. Bidet is a French word, so it’s not pronounced the same way it’s spelled. The word “bidet” is pronounced as BEE-day in Australia and the UK. In the US, however, the word is pronounced as buh-DAY.

Now that you know how the word is pronounced, let’s briefly examine its history. This amazing bathroom appliance was invented in France in the beginning of 1600s. Bidet is a plumbing fixture and is derived from the French word “bitet”. Now, the word “bitet” actually means a pony—and when someone uses a bidet, it resembles that they’re riding a pony of sorts. Yes, when you use a bidet, you may have to stand or sit astride while a gentle water stream will wash your private parts after you use the bathroom.

By now, you know the origin of the word “Bidet”, and a brief about its history. So, it is about time to clarify the ways through which bidets can improve the way you use bathrooms.

The benefits of bringing bidets to your bathroom

Prioritising personal hygiene

Whenever you use the bathroom, cleaning your bottoms with a dry toilet paper may not be that satisfactory. Why? Well, because, toilet paper will not be able to completely clean your buttocks—and there’s a solid chance of residual waste still clinging on your skin. But things have changed for the better when you use a bidet. Whenever you use this specific bathroom appliance, you get a gentle water stream that’ll leave you

Being eco-friendly at heart

When you use a bidet after doing your business in the bathroom, you don’t need a toilet paper. And not using a toilet paper means you’re cutting back on using paper. That means you’re doing your bit to save a lot of trees from getting cut. Other than that, not using a toilet paper means, you’re even bringing down the additional cost of manufacturing, transportation, and packaging the toilet paper. All in all, the use of bidets can be very beneficial for the environment at large.

Bringing down household waste

You, now, know that using bidets can save a lot of money and the environment, too. But if you cut back on using too many toilet papers, you’re also doing your bit of bringing down the total household waste your home creates. The thing is, when you don’t use toilet papers, you won’t have too much waste that generally gets accumulated by using so many toilet papers day in, day out. So, when you use fewer toilet papers, you’ll end up reducing the total amount of household waste as well.

Improving the comfort quotient

The feeling of using a dry toilet paper for cleaning your bottoms every time you use the bathroom can be a rough experience for your skin. And the problem will exacerbate if you’re suffering from any kind of skin irritation or similar problems. Under such circumstances, washing your bottoms with a stream of water can be a soothing experience. So if you have any skin conditions or anal problems such as hemorrhoids, then using bidets will make so much sense.

Getting TOTO bidets in Australia

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