No monoculture when it comes to defecation

You may call it a toilet, water closet, restroom, bathroom, or loo—but the fact is that everyone uses it day in, day out. But the way everyone uses it differs across the world. And the difference becomes all the more noticeable as technology is revolutionising the way bathrooms operate.

For example, in the Eastern part of the world, people prefer having a porcelain-lined hole that’s in the ground. Now, that hole might or might not comprise a flushing mechanism—and it may even need you to bring your toilet paper or water.

However, things change when you head to the Western part of the world such as Europe. For example, in Europe, you’ll easily get your hands on a bidet. This toilet accessory sprays a steady water stream for cleaning your genitals after you use the bathroom. Things, however, change a bit when you move to the US. In this part of the world, there’s no use of water in the toilet—because people here rely on toilet rolls. And same is the case in Australia where the preference is towards toilet paper instead of water.

But that mindset might be changing, however.

Australia is embracing the next level of bathroom technology

The shift is happening with the help Washlet produced by TOTO, a Japanese sanitary brand. With the Washlet, you can experience the comfort of a sit-down toilet and best-in-class hygiene that a gentle water stream brings to the table.

Being TOTO’S finest creation to date, the Washlet snugly fits on standard flush toilets that can be redesigned to bring the best of both worlds. In Australia, this game-changing toilet accessory from TOTO is brought to you by Austpek Bathrooms.

Up next, let’s have a look at the different benefits that TOTO Washlet brings to the table.

Here are the multiple benefits of having TOTO Washlet in your bathroom

Installation is never a big deal

The installation is quite simple. You have to replace your existing toilet seat with a brand-new one you will get from TOTO Washlet. In a matter of just 20 minutes, you will be able to connect the new TOTO toilet seat that comes with its Washlet along with the adaptor valve supplied with the equipment. Besides, you may even have to unscrew the flexible pipe, which connects to the spigot present on the wall. Once all that’s done, you’ll be able to route the water not just to the tank but even to the bidet and its bowl-cleaning spray.

Eco-friendly is the way to go

TOTO Washlet is designed to minimize the use of water. The Washlet from the Japanese sanitary brand comes with CLEAN SYNERGY technologies. By harnessing this specific set of technologies, the bathrooms will minimize the use of water along with the need for chemicals to clean the toilet. This way, TOTO Washlet models are essentially eco-friendly.

A new wave of technology

Some TOTO Washlet models come with remote control, which actually makes the entire experience of using a bathroom surprisingly delightful. For example, some TOTO Washlet models come with a remote-control operation where the toilet seat will be lifted with the push of a button—like, literally. This makes the whole process hands-free and hygienic.

Austpek Bathrooms: Bringing the comfort of TOTO Washlets to Australia

At Austpek Bathrooms, we deliver completely genuine TOTO Washlet in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and other parts of the country with zero hassle. These Washlet accessories are completely equipped with technology that drives the hygiene quotient of any bathroom space to the next level.

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