Your bathroom must have standard fixtures such as sinks, tubs, toilet and shower. But then there are some unconventional plumbing fixtures that improve your bathroom’s usability. Among these unique bathroom fixtures are bidets and Washlets.

Bidets and Washlets make an alternative way of improving your hygiene levels when using a bathroom. Both of these options are quite eco-friendly as well because they minimise the use of toilet paper. On the other hand, these alternatives simplify the way people with mobility challenges clean themselves. In short, both of these toilet add-ons can enhance anyone’s bathroom experience like never before.

But there’s a lot of confusion surrounding bidets and Washlets. In this explainer, we’re going to put bidets against Washlets – and see which one is better than the other. This way, we’ll help you know the difference between bidets and Washlets.

Why would you need a bidet or Washlet?

You may think of a bidet and Washlet being a cross between toilets and showers. Both of these plumbing fixtures use water to clean your nether regions once you’ve finished using the toilet. Generally installed right next to the toilet, a bidet is a dedicated fixture that comes with a standard faucet. On the other hand, Washlets are seats that are fitted on the top of a toilet bowl. Washlet comes with a range of cleaning options and multiple features. Many factors have contributed to the growth of bidets and Washlets, so let’s list the most important ones now.


Both of these toilet fixtures are eco-friendly since they help you cut back your toilet-paper consumption. These toilet add-ons help you use water to clean yourself after using the toilet. So, naturally, you’ll not have to go for the toilet roll to wipe yourself – instead, you’ll just need the toilet paper to dry yourself.

Easy to maintain

As you know by now, Washlets and bidets use water to help you clean yourself instead of paper. That means no toilet paper has to be used in the bathroom. Since no toilet paper is used, it means clogging doesn’t happen.

Highly refreshing

The whole concept of bidets and Washlets is refreshing because these fixtures promote the use of water rather than toilet paper. So, every time you use the bathroom, you get a mini-shower to freshen up yourself.

Now, you know about the basic benefits that these bathroom add-ons bring to the table. So, let’s individually explain Washlets and bidets.


The word “Washlet” is actually created and trademarked by TOTO – one of the leading sanitary products manufacturers in Japan. TOTO is an undisputed seller of Washlet toilet seats. Washlet has many names, including a shower toilet seat and bidet toilet seat. You can think of a Washlet as a glorified bidet seat that’s integrated with multiple features. Up next, let’s give you a quick rundown on the benefits of getting a Washlet.


Washlet doesn’t take up much space. First of all, the plumbing of the Washlet comes along with the fixture so you don’t have to invest separately. As the Washlet seat fixes on top of the existing toilet, it doesn’t need a dedicated space. It’s just that you have to check the Washlet’s compatibility as some of them are always compatible while a few of them may be only installed on same-brand toilets.

Personal hygiene

Since Washlet helps you wash your bottoms using a gentle water stream, this plumbing fixture is way better in terms of hygiene when compared with conventional toilet rolls. So, if wiping your bottoms with a toilet paper doesn’t give you a satisfactory feeling, then Washlet is just for you.

Easy to install

If the Washlet you have purchased is universally compatible, it’ll simply be positioned on top of the existing toilet. One of the many good things with Washlet is that this plumbing fixture doesn’t need an extra hose for water supply; instead, this fixture can simply use the bathroom’s existing water supply. Just make sure that the Washlet is nearby a power outlet because it must be plugged in to fully function.


Washlets come with a lot of add-ons for enhancing the experience of using the bathroom. For example, there are a few Washlet models that come with an air-dryer, a deodoriser, a heated seat, an automated toilet lid, and bespoke back/front settings. There’s even a Washlet model that comes with lights. So, as far as comforts go, Washelt is simply unbeatable.


A bidet is basically a European fixture that’s shot to popularity among bathrooms across the world. A bidet is basically a standalone apparatus that looks like a mini toilet; this plumbing fixture gets its dedicated faucet as well. Now, let’s get to know some of the benefits of having bidets installed in your bathroom space.


High comfort

Bidets are comfortable to sit and are bigger than conventional Washlet models. So, if you want to prioritise comfort above everything else till the time you’re using the bathroom, then having a bidet will be your best bet for sure. Bidets, however, may lack the high-tech add-ons that come with Washlet models.

Dedicated faucet

This toilet equipment comes with a dedicated faucet. That means if there’s a problem with the faucet of your toilet, then bidet’s tap will remain unaffected. Other than that, having a separate faucet means you can adjust the water pressure of the plumbing fixture quite easily.

Easy to clean

Owing to their design, bidets are easy to clean when compared with other run-of-the-mill plumbing fixtures. Some bidets come with high-tech functionalities that simplify the equipment’s cleaning. The cleaning of this plumbing fixture is so easy that you can do that with the push a button.

Overall, it’s quite justified to say that both bidets and washlet models enjoy a great deal of benefits. And both are a crackerjack option if you’re planning to use technology for revamping your bathroom. But when it comes to finding the right bidets or Washlet models, it comes down to only authorised dealers in Australia.

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