Although used more often on straight bathtubs, shower screens can be custom-built to slot into any shape and size of the baths. Choose a matching screen for a cohesive look to your bathroom. A custom design will help you get a better-finished look for your bathroom space.


The bellow description of frameless and framed shower screens Sydney will help you make the right choice for your bathroom.


Frameless shower screens


Frameless shower screens Sydney are easy to clean as they do not have metal frames or edges to hold the dirt or grooves for mold. The screen used in frameless showers undergoes a special treatment that makes it stronger, and shatter and scratch-resistant. It does not stain even with soap scum and need just a simple DIY procedure to clean the glass panel. The screen features non-porous surface, leaving no room to harbor germs, bacteria and virus. That way, they are hygienically better for your bathroom and the health of your family. In the absence of any metal hardware, frameless shower screens Sydney keep looking fresh for many years as there is no corrosion.


Frameless shower screen allows more light to enter your bathroom space. This means other elements of your house are accentuated including bathroom fixtures and feature tiles. The screen also looks sleek, chic and trendier. They make your bathroom space look more polished and unified.


Some of the frameless shower screens Sydney that you can choose from AustPek Bathrooms include:


Peretti Semi Frameless Diamond Shower Screen

The bathroom screen features a modern and elegant modern design that features a long-rail pull handle for opening the door without creating any noise. The screen is made with Grade A safety glass to meet the Australian standards.


Carrington Diamond Frameless Shower Screen

The screen offers high-quality hinges, brackets and two glass corner shelves. It offers a virtually noise-free opening, and is good to complement any bathroom setting while providing the illusion of a bigger screen.


Framed shower screens

Framed shower screens Sydney offer a cleaner and nicer look than shower screens. They are made with tempered glass that breaks off into small circles instead of sharp shards when broken, thus minimizing your chances of injury. The screen also steadies the door well, further reducing your risk of accidental shattering.


Unlike the frameless shower glasses that need proper placement of hinges and hardware, framed shower screens Sydney can fit over any type of shower material. Framed glass doors feature a track with a layer of caulk that prevents spillage and helps in keeping the shower spray inside the shower. Framed shower glasses are also cost-effective compared to frameless glasses as they use thinner tempered glass.


A range of framed shower screens Sydney are available at AustPekBathrooms, including the below ones:


Castello Wall to Wall Framed Shower Screen

It features a simple but elegant design and is easy to clean and maintain. A round knob handle allows the door to be to pull and push open smoothly and effortlessly. It can be easily installed and is offered in a range of standard configurations.


Lucerne Frames Sliding Shower Screen

The framed sliding door facilitates smooth and effortless opening without creating any noise. With Grade A safety glass, it complies with the Australian standards and maintains the structure that is safe for your children also.


You can get many more varieties in frameless and framed shower screens with extra features and custom configurations such as towel rails and shelves for added convenience.