Before diving deep into the world of bidets, we want to make one thing crystal clear – water cleans better than paper, period. (More on this in a minute.) And bidets are designed to use water for cleaning your bottoms every time you use the bathroom.

So, now, let’s take a quick look at the host of benefits you’ll get once you equip your bathroom with a TOTO bidet toilet. Ready? Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Water is any day better than paper

When you wipe your bottoms with a paper, you’re not cleaning your bottoms the way you should after finishing your business in the bathroom. Instead, you’re just superficially trying to clean away the fecal remains. Other than that, a dry paper is quite abrasive and may not be good for your skin – the use of dry paper is especially discouraged if you have a particular skin condition. However, when you wash your nether regions with water, you get a wholesome washing experience that adds to your hygiene.

Bring a refreshing standard of comfort

As we’ve mentioned, a bidet toilet will always offer a quite soothing and hygienic cleaning experience when compared with what’s offered by a toilet paper. Imagine how a gentle stream of water would feel falling on your bottoms once you’ve finished doing poop – it’ll definitely be blissful. Some toilet papers even contain perfume that may cause further irritation in your sensitive areas.

Discover the new way to go green

Every year, a lot of trees are cut for manufacturing toilet paper. So, if you reduce your consumption of toilet papers, you’ll save some trees and even bring down the level of total-paper waste. Which is exactly why, more and more people are now going with a TOTO bidet toilet in Australia because it brings a more ecologically responsible way of living your life.

It’s hygienic all the way

When you wash with water, you seriously drop the likelihood of bacteria germinating. As a matter of fact, if you stick to only toilet paper, you’re raising the chances of the spreading the harmful bacteria on your bottoms. Because that’s what paper does – more than cleaning, the toilet paper spreads the fecal matter all across your buttocks. On the other hand, a bidet will offer a truly hands-free experience of washing yourself after you use the bathroom.

It’s helpful in some medical conditions

Some bidet toilet seats are very helpful in certain medical conditions. For instance, if you have diminished strength in your arms or hands, you won’t be able to properly wash with a toilet paper. Also, if a patient has undergone surgery in the anal region, then that person will also experience comfort using a bidet. For example, if someone has hemorrhoids, the cleaning experience will be comfortable when they’ll use water.

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