What are the basic parameters of choosing the right basin for your bathroom?

The bathroom is a room where a vast majority of our time is spent, i.e. it is no longer just a room to cleanse ourselves, but a space to relax, unwind and rethink our day. Architects and interior designers devote quite a lot of their time, knowledge and experience to bringing out the best bathroom for their client, because if the bathroom doesn’t deliver ‘peace’ at the end of the day, what is the point of having a luxury one?

To ensure that your bathroom has everything it needs to be lavish, plush and highly functional, pay attention to this blog.

A bathroom’s functionality is determined through its amenities, fixtures and fittings, which also include washbasins. Washbasins are an integral part of every bathroom, and unless it complements the rest of the bathroom décor, or serves your needs for at least a couple of decades – it would be a waste of money. So, here we are laying down the fundamental parameters for choosing the right washbasin for your bathroom –

Opting for a washbasin means taking into account many factors, including the structural ones that relate to the positioning of the drains and water pipes. In addition to this evaluation, which, however, should be physiological, and is usually binding, what should be taken into account for choosing a washbasin is space, functionality and shape.

Functionality – A sink is used every day and therefore should be practical and convenient, simple to maintain and usable.

Shape – Contemporary geometrics usually range between squared and curved, to pure asymmetric design pieces. The idea of form joins that of dimensions and usually, the two variables should be considered together.

Space – This factor is important because there are sinks of different sizes that could fit well in larger rooms or small bathrooms. The dimension has to be proportionate to the space around. A large size washbasin in a small size bathroom will create a sense of oppression; however, on the contrary, a small size basin in a large size bathroom is as well not likely to be functional. A perfect balance, therefore, in proportions is needed here.

The types of washbasins

We at Austpek Bathrooms offer choices that concern a variety of sink types, different in terms of installation.

Materials: a personal choice or dictated?

Today’s market offers many types of materials with which washbasins are manufactured and designed. Based on the model and type of the sink, one material might seem to be more suitable than the other, given the system a specific and dedicated design.

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