Wanting to have a spa-like oasis in your bathroom?

You have been dreaming of having spa-like bathroom in your house, haven’t you? It’s time you gave wings to your dreams. Having a spa-like oasis in your house is neither simple nor hard; with the right planning and careful placement – you too can have luxury hot stream bath every day and without having to pay high dollars.

The team at Austpek Bathrooms has rounded a few feasible tips for you to consider while planning a spa-like bathroom renovation –

Think cottony

If you are amongst those who splurge just about anywhere in the bathroom, we recommend updating your bath rugs and towels first. Fluffy, neutral-colored, and soft towels go a long way as you want to turn your old-school bathroom into a luxurious spa-like oasis.

Install zero powered bulbs for the mood

Do not prefer uber-bright overhead lights ever if you are looking for a spa-like experience in your bathroom. This will ruin the mood. Dim lights are always ideal choice for the luxurious yet relaxing bath experiences. Also, get some scented candles, because it would simply be the ultimate touch to your personal dreamy spa-like oasis.

Change your showerhead

You must have seen rainfall showerhead in big movie houses and also in 5-star hotels. Don’t they look luxurious? You can also considering adding one to your list, and actually feel the vibe of ultimate royalty and relaxation.

Add a considerable amount of greenery

A bathroom must not be without beautiful, charming and fresh plants. Not just do plant help clear the air, but they are also an easy way of adding personality, drama and colour to a dull bathroom. Also, you can thank the higher level of humidity, the plants are much easier to maintain. Try aloe vera, philodendrons or bamboo.

Get a bathtub tray

What is more luxurious than having a bathtub tray? It is a designed with space for your favourite loofah, book, and a glass of wine – all you need to make your bath time a royal experience.

Luxury, however, does not always mean having a minimalist bathroom design with state-of-the-art fixtures and fittings. Rather, the team at Austpek Bathrooms has found some of the stunning royal-like bathroom designs in your master bathroom suite. For budget-friendly and quick modern bathroom ideas, there are plenty of modern bathroom products and accessories on our online store, i.e. Austpek Bathrooms.

Austpek Bathrooms provides bathroom products at a wide range of prices for its customers to neither compromise on their dream nor exceed the budget.

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