What Are Some Of The Basic Benefits Of Mixer Taps In Your Bathroom?

A mixer tap is one that draws from both cold and hot water supplies. It mixes both the flows together before pouring out. The conventional technique is to draw water using separate cold and hot pillar taps, keeping both the flows separate. There are many advantages of using a bathroom mixer tap that our team at Austpek Bathrooms has listed below:


Most homeowners choose the streamlined and sleek look for their mixer tap to that of the separate cold and hot taps. There is an ever-growing range of mixer tap styles out in the market. They might have contemporary, sharp lines or be classic with curved arch shapes. These handles as well could differ from contemporary rotating handles to modern levers that can be lifted up and down for controlling the flow. If you have always fancied a wall-mounted mixer tap, you can find one on Austpek Bathrooms.


Mixer taps work similarly well on both bathroom sink/basin and bath. You can mix and match with a mixer tap for your bath and separate cold and hot on the basin. Mixer taps could be more adaptable and flexible if you consider adding a shower mixer. It will allow you to switch between flow from a shower attachment and the taps. It could also become hand-held or mounted for making a shower bath, and specific functional where there is no room for a different shower enclosure or bath.


With two split taps, you are limited to two water flows only – cold and hot. Your ultimate control over the hot water temperature will be restricted to the heating setting, although you will be able to mix the cold and hot water to different degrees in the basin or bathtub itself.


The additional control could as well be extremely suitable, especially when you are to run your bath of the day. With two separate taps, one common technique is running both taps together, generally with the hot water tap open for longer than the cold one. It could be hard to get the mix perfect every time, however, and most people find that they have to either keep checking the water mix back and again or stand guard.


Mixer taps usually come with a built-in flow limiter as this adds to preventing water from being used unnecessarily from the cold and hot pipes at once. In more practical terms, you will use less hot water when you mix it into a single flow, which is actually better for both the environment and your power bills.


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