How to build an assisted living bathroom at home?

Our team at Austpek Bathrooms has spent a substantial deal of time analysing and outlining many different ways a bathroom can be built or rebuilt better. There is a senior member in almost all family, who needs an additional hand doing their day-to-day activities. While you have planned everything else, including their weekly checkup, special food supplies, medicines, and even post-dinner walk, why not build them an assisted living bathroom. Comfort and safety are amongst the top considerations while remodelling or designing a bathroom. With this in mind, the following are a few ideas to prepare a bathroom for a senior member of your family.

Address slip risks

A bathroom could be slippery, but there are certain measures you can consider to prevent falls before they even happen. Take anti-skid tiling into account for flooring, or have anti-slip coating applied to the existing floor. This can also be an ideal bet for the shower or tub, where slips could be an otherwise common happening. There are also bathmats and non-slip rugs for absorbing the bathroom moisture and stabilising the wet areas. Also, be sure to tie down all mats with proper mat tape to keep them safe for use.

Consider some grab bars

Grab bars installed around the bathroom offers strong support when moving around, bending to do some work, sitting down or standing up. Consider installing grab bars around the wash basin or shower or on either side of the toilet.

Ponder over the shower design

A traditional shower could be a tad nuisance for the seniors or disabled. Depending on your aspiration level, heed a walk-in or wheel-in shower design that has a curb-less entrance. The same goes for the tubs, and will immensely minimise the slip hazards or fall hazards. Also, keep the non-slip coating in mind. In addition, to grab bars, consider shower seats for people who prefer sitting.

Consider all safety measures

In addition to replacing or remodelling existing designs, it is always imperative to remember all basic precautions. Having an intercom securely installed within everyone’s reach, including the youngest and eldest in the house is perhaps a smart bet. A mishap comes without knocking. If the person in a difficult situation can use the intercom to fetch help immediately, it’s worth your thought, money and time.

Austpek Bathrooms, in this case, can be of great help to you as you plan to remodel or design an assisted living bathroom for your ageing parents. We have everything you need under a single roof and within your budget.

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