Why Would You Want to Invest in a Frameless Sliding Door Shower Screen?

Having an additional bathroom does indeed increase the value of your property by 5%. If you have been long considering adding an extra bathroom to your home, or simply looking forward to upgrading the old one, you would like to make sure that it’s the best. Frameless sliding shower screens are an ideal addition to just any bathroom design or layout.

Sliding showers screens not only look amazing, but they also keep the space dry and clean. In this blog, we have rounded up a few top reasons why you must consider incorporating a sliding shower screen into your bathroom.

Sliding frameless shower screens save space

Based on the bathroom’s size and the furniture that is already in, you might not have the required space to install a swinging shower enclosure door. The sliding shower enclosure door prevents your space from looking unnecessarily crowded. It also ensures that you do not bump into the door while the lights are out, or there is more than one person at a time in the bathroom. When you install a sliding shower screen in the bathroom, it creates an illusion of more space.

Sliding shower enclosure doors look perfectly chic

You have been looking forward to having a private spa. Well, while you might not get the French facial treatments and seaweed wraps at home, sliding doors definitely ensure that the space looks like one. If you opt for a transparent sliding door, you could easily coordinate your tiles’ colours to match the remaining décor. Instead of creating something, you don’t want attention to; a sliding shower screen door could make your shower a robust and trendy design that dedicatedly focuses on your bathroom. Finally, never neglect the importance of lighting. Consider dim lighting to maintain the spa vibe.

Sliding shower screen door eliminates the need for a curtain

While a few shower curtains could be an amazing element in the bathroom, they often lead to more problems than they are worth. If you, especially, have younger children at home, it’s quite normal for the curtains to grow mold. This usually happens when the wet curtains are not pulled across to dry. You might have already had to replace the curtain many times before because of the unsafe and unsightly mold. Rather, save your money by choosing a frameless sliding shower screen.

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