Know the pros and cons of moving your bathroom’s plumbing

Toilet remodelling generally costs certain serious spending no matter what – there is the requirement for plumbing and a certain level of electrical works, the fresh paint coat and the new tile – there is, however, one update that can throw you over budget and it is totally avoidable. It’s about moving the plumbing around. Reorganizing the sink’s layout, toilet or shower will most likely double or even triple the plumbing costs.

The cost comes down to a couple of factors: the surprise costs and the expected costs. Sinks, showers and toilets will always need pipes that blow across the house to the vent, drain and water lines. The farther you move the plumbing fixtures away from the lines, the more complex it gets and the longer it takes. An ample work goes into under-floor work, such as reworking the plumbing and pulling up the subfloor in between floor joists. It is usually costlier because you are putting extra time for the plumbers to be present on-site along with additional materials.

Then there is number of potential problems that can pop up in the middle of a renovation. Possibly, your plumbing is not up to code and hence, needs to be immediately replaced utterly, or the floor joists in your toilet’s new position go in the wrong direction, that will call for an engineer to come and check how it can be done. There goes more money right out of your saving.

Definitely, we at Austpek Bathrooms are saying your bathroom’s plumbing budget is usually likely to go up because you can’t control two things: deciding if you really need the moving and choosing between need and want. Many homeowners fail to save on their bathroom remodelling because of the major confusion. The first sign of a smart homeowner is “having a knack for saving.” When you have the knack for saving, you look for every possible way you can eliminate the ‘wants,’ and focus only on the key ‘needs’ of the hour. Sometimes plumbing moving may not be necessary, but it can get your bathroom a more sophisticated look because of all the concealed pipes and lines. You have to know what you need and save money without compromising on the aesthetics of the space entirely.

If you open the walls up to make everything work in your favour: the vent stacks are compliant with a reach of code, the water lines are the accurate size, the waste drains call to be rerouted in a seamless manner. Each and every star has to align to where you are not revamping anything, you are sternly running brand new pipes and this is it. The decision is completely up to you.


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