Here’s Your Go-To Guide to Exploring Hand Towel Rails

Every bathroom needs a quality hand towel rail. Whether you’re revamping your bathroom or buying a new bathroom accessory, you won’t go wrong with a hand towel rail. Since bathroom towel rails in Australia will complete wash closets, it’s a must-have add-on to any bathroom. Whenever you’re choosing a hand towel rail for your bathroom, always remember to not put your personal preference on the back burner.

 But hold the gun before you start drilling holes in your unblemished bathroom wall for your hand towel rail. Why? Well, first of all, you must come up with a full-fledged installation plan that’ll tell you where should you install this particular accessory. If you’ve got zero clue about where to place your hand towel rails, you’re at the right place. Well, that’s because this explainer will answer these basic questions:


  • What’s a hand towel rail?


  • Where should you place your bathroom rail?


 Ready? Let’s get down to brass tacks.


What’s a hand towel rail, anyway?

 At first, you may think that this question is pointless. But trust us when we say that most people mistake hand towel rails for toilet roll holders. Yes, you read that right. We get that the design of a hand towel rail may feel somewhat similar to a toilet roll holder’s design – but they’re not the same. As the name suggests, a hand towel rail is used for holding your hand towel.

 Some people, however, don’t want to install a rail. Instead, these people go with bathroom towel hooks in Australia. But we’re fond of hand towel rails because we believe that they’ll dry off your towel faster than a towel hook. But if your bathroom wall has many installations, then a hook will work for you, owing to its small size.

Now that you know what a hand towel rail is, it’s time to understand how to place it correctly?


How should you place a hand towel rail correctly?

 When you’re revamping your bathroom or building a new one from scratch, it’s better to factor in the location of your hand towel rail at that time only. If, however, you think of putting your rail after your construction is over, then lack of space may become an issue. Some people who often deprioritise the placement of a hand towel rail at the time of construction will end up placing it awkwardly.

 Always remember that your hand towel rail should be placed near your washbasin or vanity. When you do that, you’ll prevent your towel from dripping on your bathroom floor. In some cases, being a southpaw or right-hander also plays a role in deciding where to install bathroom towel racks in Australia. Remember that not every bathroom has the same layout, so you’ll have to decide where to place your hand towel rail depending on the space’s outline.


Buying quality bathroom rails

 When you have to buy the best bathroom rails and hooks in Australia, it comes down to us. We’ve got an amazing array of bathroom towel rails. Better yet, we make sure to deliver bathroom racks and hooks at every nook and cranny of the country. So, it doesn’t matter where you’re located in Australia, we’ll deliver bathroom racks and rails on time. Browse through our extensive collection of bathroom towel racks and rails that we source from leading brands such as Hellycar, Ikon, Inspire, Johnson Suisse, and Modern National. Happy shopping!


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