What are some of the exciting traits of wall-hung toilets?

Wall hung toilets are gaining in the popularity for residential as well as commercial bathrooms across the globe. Wall hung toilets encourage numbers of benefits on the contrary to conventional toilets that we can discuss here. There are several factors to take into account before you buy one for your place.

What is exactly a wall hung toilet?

Wall hung toilets are given this ‘title’ as the toilet pan hangs to the wall, making quite a space below.

Benefits of wall-hung toilets

Easy cleaning accessibility

This is probably the most significant advantage that a wall-mounted toilet demonstrates. The toilet pan is designed ‘elevated’ from the ground, allowing the user to clean around and below the toilet with all ease and comfort. There will no more be tight space in the bathroom where dirt and dust can possibly build-up, meaning you will not have to crouch; you can simply use the mop to clean around. In addition to this, there are no sealants safeguarding the toilet to the floor which could blemish over time. Wall hung toilets can stand the test of time with just a little effort.

Save much space

Wall hung toilets pans prove to be a brilliant choice for small en-suite and cloakroom bathrooms. As these toilets don’t have bulky cisterns, they never occupy too much of your space. Wall hung toilets can be placed next to all other bathroom fixture without having space cramped too much. Wall hung toilets offer an illusion of space as they are mounted to the wall rather than the ground. You will, however, need to figure out the best spot to hang it in as you will need room to hide the hidden frame and cistern. Using compact designs and stud walls, wall-mounted toilets are best option for tighter bathrooms.

Suitable for all bathrooms designs and ages

You can adjust the height of a wall hung toilet pan in order to suit your specific needs, meaning wall-mounted toilets are ideal when getting a bathroom designed for someone with restricted mobility or who is not in good health condition to bend down.

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