TOTO Japanese Smart Bidet Seats – Transforming The Typical Bathroom Comfort

Have you been depending on toilet paper whenever you have to go to the bathroom or have you recently switched to bidet? If you are considering a better option for personal cleansing, you will want to consider TOTO Japanese bidet seat. In case you still have not heard of it, there are some features that might help you understand how TOTO Japanese bidet seat can be the right choice for your bathroom –

TOTO Japanese bidet seat has 4 key features that promise more hygienic cleaning for you –


Premist is a feature, designed to spray water across the toilet bowl before you use it. This helps remove the dirt which would be more likely to stick around with every use.

Self-cleaning wand jet

The wand jet cleans automatically before and after you are done using the toilet. This prevents contamination as the water is sprayed through a nozzle for your personal cleansing.

It has a silicone-based wand jet

Although the wand does self-cleaning to ensure sanitation, the object is silicone-based and is resistant to dirt.

43 degrees angle wand jet position

TOTO Japanese bidet seat extends at an angle that keeps it from catching up with dirt. The soiled water falls straight into the toilet bowl at the angles 43 degrees keeping the jet clean itself.

TOTO washlet is eco-friendly                      

Since these smart washlets have Ewater and technology which happens to be an antibacterial liquid, you do not need to use any other cleaning chemicals. Apart from that, these are, as well equipped with energy save timer, designed to record your habits and decide on the best time for standby mode, ultimately saving energy.

Placing it will never be a concern

TOTO Japanese washlets, also known as smart bidets eliminated the requirement for hand-held sprays since the seat comes with an attached nozzle, meaning sparing you from installing an additional bathroom fixture.

Many other features that come very handy along

TOTO Japanese smart bidets come with the following features that are intended for your ultimate comfort –

  • Adjustable warm air dryer
  • Automatic deodorizer that gets activated after every use
  • Heated seat with remote controlled temperature
  • Automatic soft light function for night time use

TOTO smart bidets come with advanced hygiene features

These toilets are not only equipped with features that keep them clean, but they also come with technology and e-water that kills 99.9% of bacteria on the bowl and prevents waste particles from gathering and staining the bowl.

It is safe to use

TOTO washlets are activated when you sit on the toilet. This does away with accidental water splattering that occurs with hand-held sprays, leading to slippery floors that can be dangerous, especially for bathrooms.

Saves you money in due course

Did you know that an individual uses an average of 90 toilet paper rolls that equals to $300 a year? This is literally flushing the hard-earned money down the drain. However, with TOTO bidets, once you make an initial investment, you will practically save a pocket full of dollars a year.