What Are Some Key Perks Of Having Mounted An Under-Counter Basin In Your Bathroom?

If you are considering new bathroom design, an under-counter basin is definitely something you should consider. An under-counter basin is when the basin is mounted beneath the countertop, unlike the more traditional over counter basins, which are installed into a pre-cut hole through the countertop, leaving a rim coinciding your countertop.

 Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages of under counter bathroom basins:


  • Under-counter basins are often observed as a premium choice to homebuyers. If you are selling your house, prospects are more likely to find an under counter basin as an added value trait in the property.
  • Under-counter basins can be an exclusive design feature. They are available in a variety of colours, sizes and materials, allowing them to be a statement choice.
  • Faucets are easy to place in any location with an under-counter basin. Some under counter basins do not come with pre-cut holes like over counter basins do, which actually enable you to place the faucet anywhere you like.
  • Under counter bathroom basins are consistent with trendy designs, such as simplistic forms and clean lines.
  • Under-counter basins provide a little more counter space. Having mounted the basin under the counter, you can clear up to half a square foot of your counter space.
  • They allow the integral beauty of the countertop to be visible. The countertop tends to shine brighter when there’s no basin rim in sight.
  • They come in a wide range of high-quality materials, styles and designs. Their flexibility and usefulness make them ideal for every bathroom, regardless.
  • They make cleaning easier and faster. Ever try cleaning your countertop only to run into the rim of the basin and push the bits and specks into the seam. Having installed an under counter basin, this issue disappears. Usually, drop-in basins meet the countertop, resulting in an area where miscellaneous dirt particles build up, eventually causing a cleaning issue.
  • Under-counter basins look sleeker and slimmer. Seamless looks are preferred by this generation. Stone slab countertops, curbless showers, and bathroom basins are no exception. Under-counter bathroom basins are attached to the countertop undersides and because of this, there is no elevated rim or edge over the countertop, where dirt particles might collect.

 Austpek Bathrooms takes pride in their large and growing selection of under counter basins for all bathroom designs. Whether you are considering beach style bathroom interior design, or farmhouse style bathroom interior design, an under-counter basin fits well in all.