TOTO Toilets to Add Extra Ounces to Your Bathroom Comfort and Luxury

Toilet manufacturers are, today, competing to come up with the best toilets, and believe us when we say – the competition is getting massive every month or quarter. Kicking its equivalents behind, TOTO bidet washlet or toilets has grown to become one of the most popular manufacturers in the world. They offer smart bidet toilets that are sleek by looks and can easily fit into any contemporary bathroom designs. Being one of the bestselling toilets, the price for TOTO toilets ranges from medium to high. They are, however, an expensive choice and the reasons you cannot disregard or overlook. TOTO manufacturers a large array of toilets, including Ultramax, Neorest, Soiree, Promenade, Guinevere, Nexus, Drake, Supreme, Maris and more. You must be besieged with these many choices and find it quite baffling to take the right pick.

TOTO establishes itself as one of the smartest and most advanced toilet manufacturers of modern times. However, with a large selection of products, it may be a little hard to opt for the right one. They offer an array of sleek, modern toilets that may be expensive, but reasonably.

Here’s a quick review of TOTO bidet washlets’ features and uses –

TOTO provides a large array of toilet models to choose from. If you are looking forward to upgrading your toilet every few months or years, you can choose to stay in the same line of choices. TOTO’s brilliant series of Aquaia, Aimes, Carolina, Carlyle, Connelly, Clayton, Entrade, Guinevere, Entrade Lloyd, Legato, Nearest, Promenade and many more. No other toilet manufacturer offers the assortment as TOTO does. Many of its series have version 2 or more, already. Either it is a two-piece washlet or one-piece washlet, the user always has a hard time choosing one for themselves.

TOTO is an eco-friendly washlet choice as its water usage balances out the powerful 1.6 gallons per flush toilet with that uses lesser than 0.9 gallons per flush. Each model of TOTO washlet comes with a smart flushing power. 1.28 GPF TOTO models are comparable in power with others’ 1.6 GPF. TOTO models are designed to use a double cyclone system which using both mechanical and natural power, giving any toilet a robust flushing result. TOTO models are extremely water-efficient and have a lesser chance of clogging.

TOTO washlet is designed into a washlet that enables you to further improve your personal hygiene. The full-fledged features of TOTO washlets also have the option to use pulsating or oscillating warm water modes as they wish. Some of the latest smart TOTO models even come with dryers, so you never have to use your hands if you don’t want to. The functions of the washlets include front and rear cleansing system, different degrees of water types and pressure, and dryer as well.

Another feature of TOTO toilet is its customer support. TOTO manufacturers use warranties in intervals of one and five years based on the model and its parts. The warranty is easy and simple to read for all customers. Since TOTO never compromises on its quality, the use of warranty typically remains low and if by any chance people need to use the warranty, customers do not have to stand and wait on the queue, because there’s almost no queue to push through.

Benefits of having a TOTO washlet in your modern designed bathroom

A bathroom is a place where you get yourself cleaned, feel comfortable and ease. TOTO washlet, bidet or toilets makes space literally a restroom. Certainly, it is one of the businesses with toilet, however, you can have a place in the house which is calmer and more comfortable to just sit in for a while. This is what the TOTO toilet does. It adds extra comfort and luxury to your lifestyle.

TOTO toilets ensure a timeless sophistication and style with automatic features, regardless of what you want. They are all about offering you a comfortable experience and a great bathroom.