Freestanding bath Vs. Built-in Bath – Which is the right one for your bathroom remodeling?

Freestanding baths have been in use for a long time and it is considered an ultimate statement for romance – the giant claw baths can hold two people at a time, however they are hard to clean and they do not even keep the water hot for the required length of time. So, what option do you have now? Consider built-in baths. These might have gotten a bad repute for themselves lately, being labelled as outdated, but we did some research and the result is quite surprising.

When you plan to take more showers than baths, built-in baths work best. You cannot keep the water off the floor with freestanding bath without suspending a shower rod or circling the bathtub with curtains. After a few uses, this practice gets really frustrating. Built-in baths are enclosed on three sides, meaning they are easy to keep the bathwater contained. Built-in bathtubs take up lesser space and they have a ledge to keep your bath products within the comfortable reach. In addition –

  • Built-in baths function better if you are dealing with space constraints in your bathroom.
  • They are old fashion, so are more dependable.
  • They are an affordable option and they stay out of your way.
  • While freestanding baths require a whole lot of space available to themselves, built-in tubs can ben planned and installed within a given space.

Now as far as plumbing is concerned, built-in baths do not require complex plumbing or running new pipes. The entire plumbing pipes can be tucked under the tub and kept out of sight. Besides, they are easy to clean as they do not have as many crevices and cracks to clean within. You have to clean only the inside of it instead of outside and of course, bottom.

In a nutshell, when you are shopping for baths to ensure utmost luxury and comfort for your family, consider these following factors –

  • Space,
  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability
  • And price worthiness

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