Make Your Toileting Experience Smarter and More Improved With a TOTO toilet

The humble toilet hasn’t been upgraded for quite a long time. The world is moving fast toward getting connected and becoming smart. But the toilet didn’t really experience that sort of connectedness or smartness until TOTO came to the sanitary landscape.

TOTO, a leading Japanese sanitary brand, has definitely taken the whole toileting world by storm. This toilet manufacturer is introducing next-gen capabilities that transform the whole toileting experience from end to end.

In this explainer, we’ll give the low-down on the benefits that the TOTO toilet brings to the table. Now, let’s get down to the details.

TOTO toilets – cleaner, smarter, and more convenient

The next-level innovation that TOTO toilets bring to the table is phenomenal and can be felt right from the moment you step in the bathroom.  For example, the moment you enter the bathroom, the in-built sensors in a TOTO toilet will sense your presence and lift the toilet seat – it’s all hands-free and comfortable.

Afterward, an automatic spray of a special solution, which is known as Premist, cleans the toilet bowl’s surface. Even better, the toilet bowl’s surface is protected from a specialized ceramic glaze, which is known as CeFiONtect. The spray, along with a special ceramic glaze, helps prevent any waste matter sticking on the toilet bowl. Even better, the mix of CeFiONtect and Premist minimizes the number of times toilet-cleaning is required. By bringing down the cleaning frequency, you’ll seriously reduce the amount of water and harsh chemicals used for maintaining your toilet.

The next level of comfort begins when you sit on the toilet. Because that’s the time when you can feel the sheer warmth of the heated seat of a TOTO toilet. Best of all, the seat comes with special settings for controlling the seat-warming temperatures – this feature comes in real handy during the winter season.


And if that wasn’t enough, then the toilet even comes with an automated air deodorizer. This deodorizer activates for improving the smell of the space. Once your journey to the bathroom draws to a close, you can get your hands on the remote control that ships with TOTO toilets. This remote control has a complete panel that’ll help you manage the overall cleansing process.

The moment you press a particular button on the remote, a self-cleaning wand will appear from the TOTO toilet. This wand is engineered for cleaning your nether regions by using a gentle stream of water. The remote control has all the functions for helping you choose from a range of options including soft rear cleanse, front cleanse, rear cleanse, pulsating cleanse, or oscillating cleanse. Best of all, the temperature and the intensity of the water stream can be set as per your choice. And if that wasn’t enough, then the temperature and intensity may also be memorized by the TOTO toilet. This way, you don’t have to dial in your preferences again when you visit the toilet.

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