Here’s Your Handy Guide to Understanding Why TOTO Toilets Are All The Rage

Your life starts getting good when you get to sit on a heated toilet seat. Yes, that’s the kind of innovation TOTO – one of the leading Japanese sanitary brands – brings. TOTO has been making game-changing toilets for over a hundred years, and that’s precisely why it has become one of the global industry leaders in the sanitary market.

 So, in this explainer, we’re going to dive deep into why TOTO toilets are so amazing – we’ll give 3 among many reasons. Ready? Let’s get down to it, then.

 When hygiene is your top priority

 A toilet needs to be hygienic. And TOTO completely understands the need to have hygienic toilets.

Whether it’s the toilet’s design or its hygiene, TOTO scores full marks in every aspect. TOTO emphasises on the toilet’s hygiene so much, and that’s evident from the fact that the entire toilet is protected with a ceramic glaze. The outer and inner ceramic glaze protects the toilet against streaks, mould, algae, and any other bathroom-dirt variety.

 A good design makes a great toilet

 Speaking of the TOTO design, we’d like you to know that TOTO is known for bringing toilets that boast a minimalist yet chic design. The design of every TOTO toilet is pleasing to the eye and complements the overall bathroom decor like never before.

 Making you spoilt for choice

 There are over hundreds of TOTO toilets to pick from, so you can feel spoilt for choice. Because they bring an incredible amount of diversity, TOTO toilets are so much liked by people all over the world – especially in Australia.

 Now, you definitely know a thing or two about why TOTO toilets are so impressive. That’s exactly why more and more people want to make a beeline for equipping their bathrooms with TOTO toilets. But the question is, from where can you get authentic TOTO toilets in Australia?

 Austpek Bathrooms steps in

 At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find a wide gamut of TOTO toilets to choose from. These toilets are sourced from TOTO and are completely genuine. And just because you’re buying an authentic TOTO toilet, you can rest assured about the high-quality after-sales service you’ll receive.

Even better, TOTO brings to the table an extensive delivery network. That means you can get completely authentic TOTO toilets delivered anywhere in Australia. Now, what are you waiting for? Browse through the humungous category of TOTO toilets now and reinvent your bathroom style and functionality.