Bringing The Finest Class of Toilet Innovation to your Bathroom With TOTO

Toilets haven’t really seen any dramatic innovation until TOTO, a leading Japanese sanitary manufacturer, came to the fore. A leader in building arguably the most high-tech toilets in the world, TOTO is over a century old and is committed to offering the chicest toilets. These specially designed toilets customise the sanitary technology and deliver innovation for enhancing the overall toileting experience.

In Australia, too, more and more consumers are gravitating towards TOTO toilets because they’re engineered to deliver the best experience when you use the toilet. Have you heard a lot of good things about TOTO toilets? Yes? So, now, it’s about time to dive deeper into the sanitary features that make these fixtures a must-have for your bathroom.

Discover why TOTO toilets have become such a big deal for almost every bathroom

A toilet style that swoons the beholder

The style of TOTO toilets is minimalistic. Because of that minimalistic styling, TOTO toilet models are classy and really catch the eye of the beholder. Mostly, TOTO toilets come in different shades of white, which looks graceful in any bathroom space.

Transformational toilet technology

TOTO toilets come packed with a lot of features – and these features are the result harnessing the world’s leading sanitary technology. For example, the toilet bowl in a TOTO sanitary fixture comes with a specially designed glazing that doesn’t let the dirt or germs stick for long on the surface.

Best-in-class hygiene delivered

TOTO toilets offer world-class hygiene because they use the latest technology. For instance, these toilets come with special hands-free technology that enables the lid to be auto-lifted. Besides, TOTO toilet uses water for helping you wash your nether regions. Since water is used, the toilet eliminates the need for using the abrasive paper that almost always fails to deliver a wholesome cleansing experience. And the spray of the water will come with the push of a button – like, literally.

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Austpek Bathrooms: Helping you give your bathrooms the luxurious touch of TOTO

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