Looking For The Best Fitting Shower Enclosure For Your Bathroom? Here’s A Little Help From Austpek Bathrooms

While planning an ideally luxury bathroom, there are a few decisions that you will want to make: from what styles and colours work best in your bathroom, to which fittings and fixtures to opt ensure the utmost bathing experience. While our team at Austpek Bathrooms has already rounded up a few key tips to choosing the ideal shower enclosure – another crucial decision you might need to make is what type of shower enclosure will work best in your space. To help you with this, we have carefully crafted a quick guide below, designing the fundamental areas you ought to consider before finalizing a decision –


The space you have available in your bathroom is perhaps the most significant factor in determining what type of shower enclosure would work best. When space is the only factor that helps determine the shower enclosure type to bring, you probably should start by measuring it.

Separate shower enclosures or an over-bath shower

If you have been fretting over the space, an over-bath shower with a bath screen might be a solution to your worry. However, congested space does not mean you have to restrict your choices for shower enclosures – you can browse our range of collection on Austpek bathrooms for the right type and design of shower enclosure.

Mirrored glass

The simplicity and beauty of mirrored glass shower enclosure is that it offers you the added advantage of having a full-length mirror without having you to give up the space needed for an individual and also reflects lights to create an illusion of spaciousness.

Position matters

A recess or alcove in your bathroom may create an ideal opportunity to make the best use of your available space. Austpek bathrooms’ choice of recess or alcove enclosure will surely offer you beautiful shower design in about any nook. If the corner shower enclosure seems better suited to your bathroom, have no second thought about it. The contemporary corner shower enclosures are everything that wuld want and appreciate.


From contemporary to classic, vintage chic or minimalist, there are no reasons why the shower enclosure won’t fit your bathroom. If you check out our range of shower enclosures on Austpek Bathrooms, you’d find it easy for you to choose the right one right away, because the more the options, the better and easier is the choice.

Shower trays

Shower rooms are common in every household, but not everyone has the privilege to setup a shower tray. If your bathroom has adequate room to setup a shower tray, it would definitely serve as a luxury element in your bathroom. Furthermore, Austpek Bathrooms can offer you a range of options to choose one from.

The ideal shower enclosure door

Shower enclosure doors are available in frameless and framed options, there are different options, but then again, based on the space available in your bathroom, you should make your decision.


You could have sliding shower enclosure doors in both double and single versions. These are designed to be a significantly space-saving solution.


Ideal for rectangular and square shower enclosures, hinged doors happen to be better fitting for spacious bathrooms since they are designed to swing outwards.

So, which one are you planning on buying?

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