How are you planning your next bathroom remodel project?

A bathroom remodel is definitely an exciting job, but it can also be daunting at the same time. Before you jump to choose the latest bathtub or tile designs, there are a few less exhilarating factors that you’d like to consider, so your little remodel project happens to be just the way you have been dreaming it. Because remodelling a bathroom could be time-consuming, costly, and overwhelming, our team at Austpek Bathrooms, has rounded up a few basic yet practical tips to carry out a cost-effective, and successful bathroom project.


If you are unaware already, then you must work on an idea of how much you can spend on your bathroom remodel. Once you determine what you can spend and minus the amount allocated for the labour, you will have a clearer and broader sense of how much you can afford to spend on fixtures, tile and some extras.


Most homeowners assume that if they are renovating a small bathroom it’s likely to take a handful of days, or anyway it’’ take far lesser time than a large bathroom. It should not necessarily be the case. Based on how many fixtures and accessories you are considering changing in your bathroom, your contractor will still have to undergo all the same stages as a larger bathroom. Planning, however, does not only refer to explaining the duration of remodelling works but also some intermediate steps, for example buying tiles, custom-built vanity units, cabinets or tiles to ensure that they could be delivered before your contractor calls for them. To plan time is key to having a successful bathroom remodel project because it’s everything.

Work sequence

When it comes to a bathroom remodel project, if you can successfully complete it in a particular sequence, you would be able to save yourself from a whole lot of mistakes, hence cleanups. Whether you are considering demolishing the sheetrock or only repainting the place, you will want to start all over again from the top. Rev up the ceiling first, followed by walls and floors on third, so you be able to prevent any potential dents or scratches to your brand new components.

Style, design and functionality

When you start planning for your bathroom renovation, there are numerous factors that come to play an imperative role respectively, such as tile choices, paint colours, showers, bathtubs, vanities, and faucets. It could get overwhelming at one point in time, however with some research beforehand, you can make the process easier and enjoyable. Most homeowners start by piecing together pieces of key elements required to renovate a bathroom. Why not you?


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