What are The Benefits of Glass Shower Screen?

When you are planning on redecorating one of your favourite spaces in the house, which bathroom, you have got many options to choose from, from hardware finish to wall colour. The most substantial decisions are how you want to enclose the shower. Whether you are planning to remodel an existing bathroom space or build up a brand new one, remember to include a glass shower screen. Clear shower screens have been gaining in popularity, well not-so-lately though, for they lend your space a sense of class, cleanliness and modernity. In this very blog, we are going to be discussing seven characteristics of a glass shower screen and how these characteristics are beneficial for you –

Attractive – Glass shower screen is designed to look chic and sleek. They also make your bathroom look more unified and polished because they allow accompanying design elements to right pop up. It also helps accent the paints, flooring and hardware.

Customisable – There are certain shower enclosures, such as shower curtains, merely available in a single design and size. When you choose a shower screen, you avail yourself of a chance to create personalized solutions for the bathroom. The personalization capacity becomes specifically useful in spaces with remodelled showers. The shower was not installed with the rest of the bathroom accessories, it might create tight, irregular and awkward shapes.

Desirable – Glass shower screen create elegance. If you are planning to sell your house at some point in time, choose a glass shower screen – they maximise your property’s value and also attract potential buyers.

Low maintenance – Glass shower screens need little or no special maintenance other than routine cleaning to wipe off the soap residue and water spots. In rare cases, the door hardware might need a replacement, but that too in years.

Screens are non-invasive – If you are to hang a shower curtain, you have to build up a different barrier that makes space look a bit smaller. Glass or clear shower screens create a natural flow that enlarges the space, making it appear larger, and more spacious. Shower screens as well allow more light into the enclosure and this trait proves really helpful if you are not having a light inside the place already.

Offers versatility – Glass shower screens allow many choices that let you completely integrate them into your space. Your basic choices include:

  • Door design
  • Door finish
  • Hardware

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