A Handy Guide: Exploring the Way a TOTO Washlet Works
TOTO is a leading Japanese sanitary brand that’s driving innovation to revolutionise the way bathrooms work. One of the most cherished bathroom techs that the sanitary leader has invented is Washlet. In this explainer, we are giving the low-down on TOTO Washlet and how this amazing piece of tech works.
Redefining bathroom comfort with TOTO Washlet
What’s TOTO Washlet? This is one of the most common questions that may come to your mind when you first hear the name.
TOTO Washlet is a kind of small seat that brings the working of a bidet to any toilet. Long story short: Washlet helps you in cleaning your private parts with water instead of an abrasive toilet paper. To help you find a good Washlet and enhance your toileting experience, TOTO has made a number of models with varying shapes and functions.
With so many Washlet models, TOTO brings something that neatly fits nearly every toilet bowl. The two biggest upsides of TOTO Washlet are that it’s easy to install and it takes very little space. Other than that, TOTO Washlet proves to be cost-efficient because it cuts back the number of toilet papers used.
Now that you have a basic idea of what TOTO Washlet is, it comes down to how this technology works. Once the working of Washlet is out of the way, it’ll be easier for you to admire it and take the final buying decision. Ready? Let’s get down to the details.
Discovering the way TOTO Washlet works
Being one of the most comfortable and hygienic systems, Washlet uses a dedicated water-cleansing system for leaving you rejuvenated and fresh. A Washlet system uses a nozzle that gives out a gentle warm-water stream. Even better, you can adjust the stream in the oscillating mode or the pulsating one as per your choice.
Besides, the self-cleansing function in the Washlet sanitizes the whole nozzle before and after you use it. Now, once the cleaning and sanitizing are over, a Washlet also has a system that lets you experience hands-free drying. The drying system even comes with an adjustable temperature. Other than that, Washlet even has a water-saving dual flushing mechanism, a heated seat, and a remote-operated automatic flushing system.
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