How to improve the service life of your bathroom showers?

Every spa bathroom needs to be well-maintained. But maintaining your shower doesn’t have to be a headache. With a little elbow grease and fixed maintenance routine, you’ll maintain a spa getaway easily and quickly. In this explainer, we’ll share a few proven tips that’ll go a long way in helping you maintain your bathroom shower.

Check the grout

One of your biggest concerns while maintaining your shower is most likely the grout. Your shower’s grout takes a hit with everyday showers, constant dampness, scum, and soap. Over time, the grout will develop black goo-like stuff. The moment the grout absorbs water, discolouration and mildewing will occur. If you don’t care for the grout, it’ll erode, stain, and leak.

Spots and stains

Having too many stains and spots is the other concern you may face while maintaining the shower. The water from your shower is likely to cause stains and spots on the plumbing fixture’s body. The shower droplets may even stain the shower door and make it appear grimy. Besides messing around with the shower door’s appearance, the stains can even cause etching in the door’s glass. Long story short: If the shower door’s glass is exposed to water for a long time, it’ll get damaged.

Focus on drips

Have a leaky showerhead or faucet? In that case, the culprit may be a loose, worn-out cartridge—the cylindrical stem located behind the shower’s off-and-on handle. The process of fixing the cartridge is simple, though; you need to turn off the water supply, unscrew the shower’s handle, and twist the cartridge so that it tightens. If, however, that doesn’t help, you must replace the fixture from its manufacturer.

Check the weak water flow

Whenever your showerhead isn’t able to produce proper water flow, you’ll blame your home’s water system. But have you checked your showerhead for any mineral buildup? These buildups can easily block the spray jet. The blockage can eventually cause you to believe that your house has a weak water flow. But there’s a way of fixing these notorious buildups. You just need a calcium-and-lime solution. One more thing: You may even invest in a showerhead that comes with rubber-tipped jets, which can be easily wiped using a cloth for breaking up the deposits.

Wrapping it up

Now, you know a thing or two about maintaining the shower system. Follow these tips by the book and you’ll increase the service life of your shower by a couple of years. Last but not least, make sure to always buy branded shower systems and fixtures so that you can rest assured about the quality you’ll get.

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