How to buy bathroom vanities that bring form and function

Every well-designed bathroom has a vanity. Without a good vanity, your bathroom may not be complete.

Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or building it from scratch, you may need a vanity to improve storage space and refresh the space’s style.

But buying a vanity is no walk in the park for sure.


That’s because it takes hard work and time to choose the best vanity from a sea of vanities.

Basically, you’ll need a bathroom vanity that’s chic and utilitarian at the same time.

To make things simpler for you, the buyer, we’re going to take a deep dive into the tips that’ll help you buy the right vanity for your bathroom.

Ready? Get, set, and go!

Know your space inside out

The right bathroom vanity will easily deck up your space like you've never seen before. Best of all, putting a vanity in your bathroom will revamp the look and feel of the space without investing the kind of money required by a big renovation project.

So, before you begin investing in a new bathroom vanity, it’s better to completely know your space. Knowing your space begins with completely measuring it. Measure the space’s depth and width to understand how much space is actually available.

When you’re buying your next vanity, it’s better to consider the fixture’s doors—whether they’ll swing or slide. A pro tip: Get the entire footprint of the vanity on your bathroom’s floor. That way, you’ll get a sense of the overall bathroom real estate that the vanity will occupy.

Figure out what you want to buy

Once you know the available bathroom area for storing your vanity, you’ll find it easier to answer this million-dollar question: Do you need a single vanity or double vanity?

For those of you who don’t know, a single vanity has just one sink; on the other hand, a double vanity has two sinks.

The thing is, if you have ample bathroom real estate to play around with, it’s better to get a double vanity. That way, you’ll even have more storage area and your unused bathroom space will be used in a better way.

One more tip: The single vanity would work great for a powder room or any guest bathroom. Quite the opposite, a double vanity will best suit a master bedroom.

Understand your style

Last but not least, you need to consider your bathroom as part of your home decor only. That way, you’ll be able to style it better—as per your requirements and budget.

Speaking of the vanity’s style, this specific fixture is available in different colours. If you want the space to have a chirpy look, it’s better to choose a vanity having a brighter shade. Otherwise, go with a vanity having darker, more serious shades such as black or grey.

Likewise, think about the style of the vanity. Whether you want the vanity to have a trendy look or carry a minimalistic appeal. For instance, a vanity using dark wood will look timeless and classic for almost every bathroom space.

Final thoughts

Now, you know what it exactly takes to buy a good bathroom vanity.

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