Here are Some Handy and Functional Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A bathroom remodels or renovation is a project which could substantially upgrade the feel and look of your entire house without cutting down on the amount of money in your home improvement budget. Do you know that there are hundreds and thousands of bathroom remodel ideas available, with some being extremely costly, while others being moderately expensive or reasonable? Based on the size of your bathroom, you can easily decide on your budget, plus the type of remodelling you want.

Definition of bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodels definition falls somewhere between complete remodelling and refresh; a bathroom renovation is simply a process which enables you to make your current space more functional without having to tear down the ceilings or walls and remove all the cabinets. Think of upgrading the colours, replacing the fixtures, refining surfaces or ensuring that everything within the space is well-aligned with the safety standards. Here are some of the top ideas to begin with your bathroom remodel –

Get a freestanding bathtub

Although, built-in bathtubs are still a thing, but they can be avoided to save up a lot of space. Instead of spending a whole lot of money on getting a bathtub built-in, install a freestanding bathtub. It will not only save you tops dollars but also save up space. Besides, freestanding bathtubs are nowadays trending in resorts and 5-star hotel rooms, for they simply add to the aesthetic of the interior décor.

Choose an under-mount basin

Undermount basins are referred to as the best for their sleek design; however one of their unique attributes is the fact that undermount basins are easier to clean than the most traditional overmount sinks. Just as the name suggests, undermount basins are installed under the countertop.

At Austpek Bathrooms – one of the largest online retailers in bathroom products and accessories, you can find under-mount basins in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.

Upgrade the toilet

People are nowadays advising for TOTO washlets because they are referred to as smart toilets. Having featured with ewater+ technology, these smart washlets from TOTO have got the most advanced flushing system, it comes in various paces yet uses very little water. In addition to this, TOTO washlets let the users select a user-time, plus it has a night-timer, meaning if you are using the toilet during the night, it will dim up as you are about to sit on it.

TOTO washlets are famous for their heated seats and automatic lid closing/opening functions. If you can chart out a reasonable budget for your bathroom remodel project, plan to install TOTO washlets.

Consider medicine cabinet

A medicine cabinet is one of the integral parts of decent, luxury bathrooms in every home and hotels. They are no auxiliary expense, but an imperative investment that will save you a lot of space as well as maintenance aesthetics. Just imagine yourself struggling to accommodate your medicine bottles on the top of the basin; this will not only look bad, but you may also lose your medicines.

This is why we advise getting a medicine cabinet installed alongside.




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