TOTO, a Japanese sanitary ware brand, is bringing innovative toilet products that are built using the most advanced manufacturing technologies. TOTO brings to the table a wide gamut of bidet toilets and tapware — each of these products is known for harnessing the power of automation and green technologies.

The bidet toilet seats, for example, describe TOTO’s vision of improving your bathroom experience like never before. Most toilet products made by this Japanese brand come with multiple functionalities.

These features benefit a bathroom user in more than one ways. For example, some of these functionalities include temperature control seats, warm air drying and other features that elevate the experience of using bathrooms.

Austpek Bathroom, a leading online store, is bringing this treasured legacy of Japanese sanitary ware in the form of TOTO products to Australia. Here are some top factors that make the toilet ware from this Japanese brand the best in business.

Aesthetically pleasing

First and foremost, let us discuss the looks of the sanitary ware because the looks are almost as important as the sanitary ware’s functionality. Which is why, every TOTO product embodies superior craftsmanship. All TOTO products are masterpieces which lend any bathroom space a uniquely majestic look.

Water saving

If your toilet ware isn’t saving water, it isn’t in line with the bigger picture of saving the world. Most buyers are conscious about which product makes its way into their bathroom. Whether the product is green? Is it doing its bit to save the Mother Earth? TOTO has factored in this buyer mindset and has also understood its responsibility towards saving the planet. Because of this reason, TOTO toilet ware is engineered to save water through its specially designed flushing technology.

Hygienically ahead

When you think of bathrooms, you invariably think of how hygienic they are. Toilets and other toilet products play a key part in making bathrooms hygienic. Of course, you’ll have to do your bit in cleaning the bathroom — but as long as toilet ware goes, it helps maintain a bathroom’s hygiene. TOTO toilet ware and similar products come with multiple features that contribute to a bathroom’s hygienic quotient. For instance, TOTO toilets come with cleaning and self-sanitising nozzles that help you wash your front and rear with warm water. Other than that, some TOTO toilets even come with auto-deodoriser for making a bathroom space smell fresh. Besides, for making sure you don’t touch the toilet lid or the flush while using the washroom, TOTO has built toilets with automated operations such as opening and closing of lids and flushing of toilets.

Finding Toto toilets in Australia

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Whether you want a TOTO toilet in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra, Austpek Bathrooms ships only branded bathroom products across Australia. Now, what is holding you back? Check out the extensive array of TOTO bathroom products at this store and buy a product that’ll redefine your bathroom experience in a whole new way.