When it comes to washing their private parts, people have particularly strong opinions. They want something that has more comprehensive cleaning capabilities than a toilet paper. That’s exactly where a washlet comes into play. Designed and manufactured by Toto—a Japanese toilet company—washlets are a solid alternative to keeping your private parts clean.

Some people want to get a Toto washlet because they’re looking for an eco-friendly alternative to using toilet papers. While others may need to use a washlet because they have mobility issues. Since Toto washlets strike a perfect balance between features, price, styles, and usability, they’re a refreshing addition to a bathroom.

Best of all, a washlet can be easily fixed to any of your existing toilet with little to no downtime. It’s dead simple to install a Toto washlet, provided that you go through the installation manual properly. Because it adds to the hygiene quotient of a bathroom, the legacy of Toto washlets is brought by Austpek Bathrooms.

Experiencing the cleaning capabilities of Toto washlets

At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find a humongous collection of washlets from Toto. These washlets come in a variety of styles comprising a few with heated seats and customizable settings for washing. Some washlets even come with deodorizers and auto-flush capabilities. While a few Toto washlets found at this store may even come with self-cleaning systems or even MP3 player facilities. Some Toto washlets found at this online store even have soft-closing heated seats, which take the whole toilet experience to the next level of being futuristic.

However, it’s important to note that not every toilet has each of the features mentioned above. Which is why, it makes complete sense to find a washlet that meets all your requirements to a tee.

Other than having the features discussed above, these washlets even have some added benefits of letting your toilet work well. How? That’s because Toto washlets reduce a user’s reliance on toilet papers. Since there’s zero use of the toilet paper in a bathroom outfitted with Toto washlets, the chances of used paper clogging up the plumbing line go down.

Buying best-in-class Toto washlets at Austpek Bathrooms

When you’re looking for buying a high-quality Toto toilet in Sydney, Austpek Bathrooms must not slip under your radar. This online store brings to the table a wide gamut of Toto washlets and bidets that’ll help you improve the experience of using a toilet.

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