When you wake up in the morning, you’ll most likely go to the bathroom for a wash-up.

At that time, imagine being greeted with a blurry mirror or, worse, one with toothpaste stains.

You think you have blurry eyesight and your mirror is A-OK, but that’s not the case. Actually, you need to take care of your mirror. Or you have to completely change your mirror-care routine.

In this explainer, we’re going to give a rundown on the ways to take care of your bathroom mirror so that it doesn’t get blurry anytime.

But before jumping to these mirror-care tips, let’s understand why having a bathroom mirror is so important.

Mirrors that reflect bathroom elegance

Mirrors have become an important part of your life. Most of you may rely on mirrors the moment you wake up until your bedtime.

And that reliance comes from the fact that mirrors offer different aesthetic and functional benefits.

When you fit a mirror properly, you’ll make any bathroom appear to be wide and open. That’s because mirrors even refract light making any space well-lit.

If you keep your mirrors beautiful and pristine, they’ll easily create a feeling of relaxation and elegance.

Remember, nothing will ever ruin the look and feel of a room than a tarnished mirror.

Now that you know the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful mirror, let’s get down to understanding different mirror-care tips.

Battle-tested mirror-care tips finally revealed

Cleaning with warm water and a soft rag

Want to make your bathroom mirror as clean and beautiful as a new one?

In that case, you need to regularly clean your mirror with the help of a soft rag or paper towel.

Even old newspaper will help clean mirrors.

Nonetheless, stay away from using gritty rags because they’ll most likely scratch the surface of the mirror.

Other than a dirty rag, make sure to not use emery cloth for cleaning the mirror because it’ll also scratch the surface.

Also, dusting the mirror will help retain the surface’s shine and finish.

Making sure that mirrors are properly installed

Keep in mind to install the mirror in a properly ventilated area.

That way, you’ll help the mirrors not sweat or create moisture.

Yes, if mirrors are installed in a dark room, they may create moisture—that moisture will eventually damage the mirror’s surface.

Not spraying any cleaner directly on the mirror’s surface

Want to use a mirror cleaner?

If that’s the case, avoid applying it directly on the mirror’s surface.

You may think, Why shouldn’t I spray any cleaner directly on the mirror’s surface, anyway?

Well, here’s the thing: if you spray a mirror cleaner on the mirror’s surface, it’ll run down the glass. That’s when the solution will even go through the edges and seams of the mirror.

When that happens, the solution will damage the mirror backing.

What’s the solution?

Well, spray the cleaner on a cloth and then rub that cloth on the mirror’s surface.

Now, you know three proven tips for cleaning the mirror.

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