We use our bathroom daily; it’s an important part of our home. Bathroom accessories such as faucets, soap dish and towel racks play a crucial role in enhancing the splendor of bathrooms. It’s hard to imagine a modern bathroom without accessories that add to its utility and beauty quotient.

The joy of taking a refreshing bath or shower is enhanced with the right selection of bathroom accessories. Spruce up your bathroom with our wide range of bathtubs featuring styles that emphasize space and material. Every material feels different to touch, so make sure that you choose a material that you feel comfortable with while taking a bath. The choice of material is important for the bathtub as some are made to complement a space. Acrylic is a popular choice for freestanding and walk-in bathtubs as it is non-porous that makes it highly durable. Bathtubs made with stone resin offer excellent durability and heat retention, while being quite affordable. Ceramic bathtubs come in more sizes and styles than any other material in the market.

Bathtubs in different shapes, sizes and materials

Our range of bathtubs includes Toto Galaline free-standing bathtubs, Back to Wall bathtub, Inspire Voghera bathtub, Ultra Compact bathtub and a lot more that you can choose from. Being a leading bathtub outlet supplier, we feature a collection of bathtubs that are hot in trend and excel in utility. These free-standing bathtubs are designed to allow the space to flow around them for a relaxing and obstructed feel.

You may prefer to have an oval shape bathtub to a classic design if you live in a smaller home where space is premium. For example, Toto Galaline free standing bathtub from Austpek Bathrooms features a more modern look that contrasts seamlessly against the sharper corners of your bathroom.

Size is another important consideration while choosing bathtub outlets. You may not need a larger bathtub if you have limited space, but if you have space for it, you can go for a larger one. You can choose among corner bathtubs and freestanding styles.

Safety is important for us

Safety in the bathroom is an important consideration for us, so our accessories have been created with designs that do not pose any hurdles while you use your bathroom and prevent accidental falls. The accessories are available in different sizes and dimensions, so you can choose them according to available space in your bathroom.

Wide range of bathroom accessories

Austpek Bathrooms offers you an extensive range of bathroom accessories Sydney including heated towel rails, robe hooks, soap dish holders and showers, bathtubs, vanities, shower screens and a lot more. The well-thought-out functionality of our elegantly designed bathroom supplies will add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom décor. Our bathroom vanities made of high-grade material are designed to enhance the utility of your bathroom space. Even something as simple as vanity hinges can play a role in making or breaking the décor of your bathroom, so while shopping for bathroom accessories online, make sure that your supplier has extensive choices for you to select from. You should be able to choose the bathroom supplies online that work well with the overall theme of your bathroom décor and also provide you the needed functionality and beauty.

Choosing to shop from bathroom suppliers online saves you from the stress and exhaustion of going physically from store-to-store to choose the right accessories. You get a rewarding experience while shopping for bathroom supplies online as you not only get to see the entire collection from the comfort of your home, but can also get attractive deals occasionally and also on bulk orders.

Decorate your bathroom with extensive choices in accessories from Austpek Bathrooms and feel the fun of using your bathroom like never before.