Your Introductory Guide to Buying a Wall-Hung Vanity in Sydney

Wall-hung vanities can modernise the look and feel of your bathroom. The best part is that vanities offer a blend of storage and style. For instance, a wall-hung vanity can also come with a compact design, making it apt for cloakrooms and smaller bathrooms. On top of that, here’s the biggest highlight of a vanity unit – it has an incredible amount of storage space with the bathroom being free from clutter.


A wall-hung vanity unit is different from a floor-standing one. The thing is, this vanity unit doesn’t occupy your floor area and make the space look roomier than ever. No doubt, wall-hung bathroom furnishings have gained popularity in different parts of the world – and Australia isn’t untouched till now.


But what should you see whenever you’re buying a wall-hung vanity in Sydney? Well, that’s what we’re going to find out in this explainer. Ready? Let’s get down to the details.


There’s a style for everyone

Every leading outlet offering bathroom furnishings has wall-hung vanities in different styles. And there’s one style that suits every bathroom. Besides being available in different styles, a vanity unit is also offered in multiple finishes.


Want to create an eye-catching and contemporary element in your bathroom? If so, choose a normal wall-hung unit that’s available with a flat top. Nonetheless, this specific style doesn’t fit everyone’s taste.


Most vanity units come with an eye-catching white high-gloss finish. This finish is best suited for lending a contemporary look to your bathroom space. Better yet, create a custom vanity in Sydney by picking a coloured insert that’ll complement your bathroom. And when it comes to customising your vanity unit, you may even add soft-close drawers.


Besides, if you want to lend your bathroom a sense of traditional style, then you may even pick an oak-coloured vanity that comes with a beautiful finish. Moreover, a vanity’s chrome handles and sharp lines can give the unit a contemporary edge, too.


Buying your favourite wall-hung vanity


Now that you know a thing or two about picking the right wall-hung vanity, it’s time to dive deep into answering this question. From where can you buy an ideal wall-hung vanity that’ll lend function and style to your bathroom?


The answer lies with us. We have a wide selection of wall-hung vanities that come from different brands. We have wall-hung vanities from Aulic, Duraplex, Otti, Inspire, Sunny, Poseidon, and others. Better yet, at the time of writing this, we’ve got the lunar sale going on. So, there are drool-worthy deals on vanities waiting for you to claim. Browse through our collection of vanities today and find the one that’ll fit your budget and needs well.

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