Diverter mixer taps that upscale your bathroom look

Diverter mixer taps have a crisp, subtle style that will modernise bathroom spaces like never before. We bring a huge collection of diverter mixer taps where precision meets control. However, most of you may not know the kind of convenience and charm a diverter can bring to your bathroom. Fret not because we have prepared this guide just for you. This buying guide will walk you through the role of a diverter, its types, and why savvy buyers use it in their bathrooms. Let us get started.


Diverters decoded


As the name suggests, a shower-and-bath diverter will help you move the water flow either towards the showerhead or the tub spout that will fill the bathtub. A bathtub with a diverter usually comes equipped with showerheads. You will commonly find these bathtubs in residential bathrooms or private restrooms in hotels.


The best part about a diverter is its minimalistic design. A diverter unit’s functional parts will be hidden inside the wall. That means whenever you will install a diverter, you will only see its lever, the overhead shower, and the spout. Because a diverter is so space-efficient, people who have a compact bathroom prefer to go with it.


As the diverter’s mechanism is hidden inside the wall, you will only see a sleek aluminium sheet along with a lever. That is why people who plan to modernise their bathrooms want to invest money in a diverter because it brings next-level convenience and an elegant design as well.


Now that you know a thing or two about a diverter, let us discuss its different types.



Different diverter types


A diverter is available in four types.


One-way diverter:


This form of diverter comes with a single component that performs one operation—like, controlling the overhead shower.


Two-way diverter:


This type of diverter comes with two components—one controls the hand shower, and the second component controls the overhead shower.


Three-way diverter:


This diverter comes with three separate components that control different functions.


Thermostatic diverter:


This diverter comes with thermostatic mixers. These mixers eventually help maintain water temperature across the shower’s duration.


The diverter’s spout is usually installed at around 18” from the bathroom flooring. This is why the distance between the bucket and the spout is less compared with a wall mixer spout. Even better, there are many designs and styles available in both diverters and wall mixer taps.




Moreover, a shower mixer may be teamed with a diverter will allow you to change the water output between two outlets. The bottom line? You have many options available—it is just that you will have to make up your mind and make a choice, depending on your budget and bathroom’s interiors.


Why should you use a diverter?


Since a diverter’s mechanism is installed in the wall, it is best suited for minimalist bathroom interiors or spa-like bathroom setups. Such a diverter will allow you to switch the flow between a shower attachment and taps or between a hand shower and an overhead one. The result? Whenever you install a diverter, you get an incredible level of functionality. And you can only hope for experiencing such an astonishing level of functionality in conventional full-turn taps.


Whenever you are buying a diverter, you must go for a branded unit. Why? It is because branded diverters are peerless when it comes to looks, style, and functionality. When it comes to buying best-in-class diverters, it sure comes down to us.


Finding the right diverter mixer taps for your bathroom


Our collection of wall mixers with diverters is admired for its chic design, ease of installation, and incredible longevity. Besides offering wall mixers with diverters, we even bring a whole gamut of bath spouts, outlets, wall basins, and bath mixers.


We bring a wide array of bathroom mixer taps from leading brands, including Felton, Hellycar, Ikon, Inspire, Johnson Suisse, Modern National, Quoss, and Tapart. Thanks to our wide collection of diverter mixers with different colours, we have got something that suits everyone’s tastes.


Our diverters can cater to a huge array of applications in the bathroom. We have diverter mixer taps available in different colourways, such as black, brushed gold, brushed nickel, chrome, gun metal, a mix of matte black and brushed rose gold, white, and more. Browse through our extensive selection of diverter mixer taps and discover which one will complement your space.



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