Tips on How You Should Start Planning Your Bathroom Remodel Project

Bathroom renovation is either to fill up your mind with thoughts of cleaning, half-assemble failure or gleaming white surfaces. And, at a certain point in all types of projects, both concepts may come true. In some cases, the ideal way to stop adversity is to picturise the project ahead of time and break ground. Sit back and think to yourself some vital planning ideas, this will eventually help you scope your project well to lay down your expectations.

Decide how far you can go

The very first question you’d want to ask yourself is your project size. Bathroom renovations could be categorised into 3 basic levels. Hence, once you decide on your project strategy, start considering the timetable for the renovation project and determine if it’s what you think you want to go with.

Surface alterations – At the end of the scale, you will like the typical size and layout of the bathroom, while the ceiling, walls and floor to be sound. The very motto of a surface-level bathroom renovation is ‘cover-up, not replace.’ You need not feel any shame in wishing for a surface-level bathroom renovation.

Draw and replace: With such level renovation, you would want to keep the similar fixture and layout positions of your existing bathroom, however, you quite draw the space down to bare floor/walls and install a new vanity, lighting, flooring, and plumbing fixtures. You will also want to update the wiring, however, it’s no major or specific requirement.

Layout alterations: On this level, you may get a little more involved than just making over or replacing stuff, because the changing layout will mean wiring changes and complete fixture replacement.

Change the space: The change of bathroom footprint usually goes beyond drawing the space or moving the fixtures around. The biggest-scale renovations usually involve structural alterations, for instance removing or moving walls, changing the roof/ceiling or bumping out the exterior wall. In general, the goal is to develop a bathroom larger or to convert a very ordinary bathroom into a master space.

How much does usually a bathroom remodel cost and how much can you afford?

Bathroom renovations costs differ largely, however it is also an expensive project. An easy makeover of the accessories and surfaces can quickly cost you a hefty of thousands of dollars, whereas a typical average-level renovation with complete fixture replacement does range between $15,000 and $18,000. An extremely luxury remodel can cost you around $30,000 and above.

Hence, if you are considering remodelling your bathroom, you will not want to go beyond your budget, because then it would be of no worth. But, before you start looking out for different prices offered by different interior designers and bathroom products/accessories suppliers, you will want to lay down your income, monthly utility expense, how much you can save after each expense and how much can you possibly save by the time you want the remodel done?

Your gradual budget planning backed by extensive research about trending and functional bathroom remodels designs and products can only help you proceed towards a satisfactorily successful bathroom remodel project.


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