As with many other things in life, bathtub spouts can lose their shine after constant use. On top of that, spouts even stop functioning the way you expect them to with time. That is why replacing bathtub spouts and outlets is a simpler and easier way of upgrading the bath.


Today, bathtub faucets have moved beyond being functional. These spouts come in chic designs and styles that are ready to be installed in any tub of your choice. However, it is best to understand all the different spout options before you buy one for your bathtub.


Different bathtub spouts that you can buy


Floor-Mount Faucets


Have you got a freestanding bathtub? Yes, we are talking about clawfoot tubs or their modern competitors. So, a floor-mounted tub spout will generally extend from the floor and will likely have exposed pipes. This faucet may rise above the rim of the tub so that the water is spilled inside. Or this kind of faucet may even project out of the tub with holes drilled inside the tub.


Deck-Mount Faucets


This faucet is usually found positioned on the tub’s flat surface, which is also known as the deck. A deck-mounted faucet generally comes with an arch-shaped spout. In most cases, you will have to pick a deck-mounted spout with two handles for controlling cold and hot water—but you may even pick a single-handle spout. Here is one helpful tip: If you have a senior person or kids using the bathroom, it is best to have a single-handle deck-mount spout that is easier to control.


Points to remember before buying bathtub faucets


Keeping the bathtub size in mind


As you go ahead and shop for a faucet, you will have to keep your bathtub in mind. Of course, you are buying a bathtub spout, after all. If you own a freestanding tub, then you will definitely want to buy a floor-mounted spout that will blend seamlessly with the furnishing piece. If, however, you own an antique tub, then it will make complete sense for you to own a vintage-styled faucet.


Quality matters every time


When you are buying a bathtub spout in Australia or anywhere else, you will have to pay upfront. But that means if you are investing your money in a quality bathtub spout, you will not have to pay for the faucet throughout its lifetime. That is why it is essential for you to buy a best-in-class spout that can serve you for many years. For example, you may invest in a brass-body spout instead of a chrome- or brass-plated one. Besides, make sure that a bathtub spout must have a greater flow rate when compared with what a traditional household faucet will have. And that even means you simply cannot use your bathtub faucet anywhere else, such as your kitchen. Moreover, a bathtub faucet must have a 3/4-inch supply line when compared with 1/2-inch that other taps in your house usually need.


Factor in the finishing touch


Today, faucets come in a huge selection of finishes that include polished chrome, brushed nickel, white, black, gold, and more. But you have to remember this basic thing—exotic finishes may not have the same warranty as the conventional ones. That is why you must keep your entire bathroom space in mind when you are picking a finish for your bathtub spout. Here is one pro tip: Coordinate with other hardware, including a toilet paper holder or towel bar. This way, you will get a spout with a finish that complements the look and feel of your bathroom.


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