Warranty Terms

Turner Hastings ensures that all of its products are made using the highest quality materials and workmanship. Should you find a fault with either the materials or the workmanship within their warranty period noted below, Turner Hastings will, at its discretion, repair or supply a replacement for the faulty product or component.

Category Warranty Period Warranty Period


Lifetime - Basin & Pedestals 

Made in England Collection 

TitanCast Basins

6 Years - Fine Fireclay & Ceramic Wash Basins, Pedestals & Ceramic Legs


Lifetime - Made in England Collection 

Mayer Collection



5 Years - Made in England Collection 

Bergamo & Coventry Vanities

3 Years - Compact Vanities


3 Years - Coventry Collection 

Mayer Collection



Lifetime - Fine Fireclay Sinks

6 Years - Cove Sinks


3 Years - Stainless Steel Grids

1 Year - Ribbed Scrub Board 


Roll-Up Sink Drainer 

Silicone Sink Mat 

Overflow Cap


12 Years - Ceramic Urinals

1 Year - Urinal Sensor Kit


15 Years - Body, handle, cartridge
Chrome finish

5 Years - Ceramic disc spindles
Brushed brass and brushed nickel finish


1 Year - Traps

1 Year - Waste Outlets

5 Years - PVD Finishes


Lifetime Vitreous China Toilets
Made in England Collection

12 Years - Ceramic Toilets

2 Years - Toilet Seats
Made in England Collection

1 Year - Toilet Seats

15 Years - Inwall Cistern Frame and Tank

3 Year - Flush Plates

3 Years - Inlet & Outlet Valves


LifetimeTitanCast Baths

5 YearsAcrylic Baths


2 YearsMayer Collection


10 YearsRails

5 YearsBrushed Brass PVD finish

3 YearsHeating element

2 YearsControl Panel Timer


1.2 Warranty Details - All Products

• 1 year parts and labour. Any claim made after this period is for parts only. Furthermore, the following product have a replacement warranty only: Toilet Seats, Stainless Steel Grids, and Rubber Sink Mat.
• 1 year warranty applies to commercial installations
• All water pipes must be flushed prior to connecting tapware or toilets to the supply
• Maximum water pressure cannot exceed 500Kpa - AS/NZS 3500.1.-2003 (Clause3.3.4) specifies 500kPa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet within abuilding for new installations
• 5 years warranty on electroplated finishes (excluding chrome). Electroplated finishes on basket wastes have a 1 year warranty
• 10 years warranty on PVD finishes. PVD finishes on basket wastes have a 2 year warranty.
• 1 year warranty applies to washers, “O” rings, lip and other seals, shower hoses and all pull out sink mixer hoses and handsets.
• If a replacement for an original product is not available due to the product becoming obsolete or discontinued, we will offer an available similar alternative within the Turner Hastings product range.
• Fireclay, Ceramic and Vitreous China are natural products and therefore subject to variations. This should be seen as a quality that adds to its natural beauty. Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and acceptable.
Product must be inspected before installation! If a product has any unacceptable marks or has been damaged, DO NOT install it. Should faulty or damaged products be installed, we will not accept any obligation to provide labour for removal or replacement of the product.

Turner Hastings Product Warranty will only apply where the product has been installed by a qualified tradesman and in full accordance with installation instructions. This warranty does not cover damage by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, excessive wear and tear, improper care and maintenance, water and natural causes such as sunlight, humidity and other environmental conditions. All installation works should be carried out by a Licensed tradesman according to the Plumbing and Drainage Code of Practice and the requirements of any relevant Statutory body. Installations must be carried out strictly in accordance with the installation instructions provided with each of Turner Hastings’ products. We make every effort to supply our customers with outstanding quality products. We can in no way be held responsible for any damages arising from failure due to the method the product was installed or commissioned.

Replacement products and parts must be delivered to the original store of purchase for WHS compliance.

Our goods come with warranties that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

1.3 Warranty Details - Under Counter Basins
A waterproof sealant should be used to help seal the basin and fill the gap between the basin and vanity bench. Do not use epoxy type glues – these glues harden and prevent the expansion and contraction of the basin which can lead to the basin cracking. The use of epoxy glues will void this warranty.

1.4 Warranty Details - Fine Fireclay Sinks
Fireclay is a natural product and therefore subject to variations such as a minor pimple, dimple or divot. This should be seen as a quality that adds to its natural beauty. Variations +/- 2% to the specifications are common and acceptable. Never cut out or construct your bench top or kitchen cabinetry without having the sink onsite with you for measurements. If cabinetry or bench tops have been cut without the sink being measured, and the sink does not fit, we will not cover any costs of replacing or modifying any cabinetry or bench tops.

Do not over-tighten the waste as this can cause the sink to develop stress fractures over time.

A waterproof sealant should be used to help seal the sink and fill the gap between the sink and bench top. Do not use epoxy type glues – these glues harden and prevent the expansion and contraction of the sink which can lead to the sink cracking. The use of epoxy glues will void this warranty.

Your new fireclay sink may have a small crack or chip in an unglazed position such as the underside (in a place not seen after install). Small cracks and chips is not a manufacturing fault or defect, and in fact is common in ceramic, fine fireclay and other natural clay fired products. The cracks or chips is what is called a “firing crack”, and it happens when the clay is baked in the oven during manufacturing, and is part of the heating and cooling process. The crack or chip is simply aesthetic only, and will not affect the installation, structure, or usability of the sink. The crack or chip will not grow over time either. This product still carries the full lifetime warranty we provide on fireclay sinks.

1.5 Warranty Details - Toilets
A toilet seat which comes loose with continued use is not covered by warranty, it is the responsibility of the installer to ensure the seat is installed correctly on installation. Furthermore, all seats under normal usage have a tendency to loosen, it is the responsibility of the owner to tighten seats periodically with the correct sized screwdriver (do not use a power drill).

1.6 Warranty Details - Vanities
Vanities are manufactured using water resistant materials. This does not mean that they are waterproof. Care must be taken to immediately dry up any spillage or leakage that may gain access to the cabinet as WATER DAMAGE is not a justifiable claim. Cleaning and maintenance instructions must be followed to ensure validity of warranty.

Adjustment on parts such as drawers and doors are undertaken during manufacture, but will most likely require fine adjustments after installation.

1.7 Warranty Details – Marble Tops
All stone and marble products are pre-sealed at the factory, and carry a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. This does not warranty against staining or discolouration.

1.8 Warranty Details – Heated Towel Rails
All of the Turner Hastings Towel Rails have a 10 year warranty, the control panel timer has a 2 year warranty and the finish has a 5 year warranty.

1.9 Warranty Details - Lifetime Warranty
We offers Lifetime warranty on certain Turner Hastings product ranges. These warranties are transferable from one product owner to the next. Proof of purchase must be submitted to make a warranty claim. We will repair or replace product or parts that are faulty due to a manufacturing defect. This does not cover general wear and tear or other exceptions detailed on this warranty page. Replacement labour costs are only covered in the first 12 months, like all of our warranties.