According to science, some of your most creative ideas come while showering.

Besides helping you become more creative, showering soothes your body and eases your mind. Imagine the experience of having a hot shower in a wintry morning. Similarly, the feeling of having a refreshingly shampooed shower on a hot day is rewarding.

Either way, a good shower will help elevate your mood unless you flood your bathroom from shower water.

It’s definitely a pain to remove excess water from your bathroom floor after having a nice shower. It doesn’t take long for the soothing effect of showering to fade away when you have to mop your bathroom floor.

You may even argue about keeping the floor wet—after all, the excessive moisture on the floor will dry up. Of course, some of it will dry up over time. But until that time, some of the dampness may set in and damage the floor in more than one ways.

The bottom line is simple, though: You must invest in bathroom equipment that’ll help you make your bathroom floor as splash-free as possible.

Here’s where a good shower screen comes in.

Shower screens explained

A shower screen helps you build your personal shower space. The screen even prevents the water from your shower to escape and get splashed all over your bathroom’s floor. Other than showcasing immense functionality, a shower screen will even lend a sleek character to your bathroom.

And the need for a good shower screen is felt even more strongly if you don’t want the space to feel old and messy with a flimsy shower curtain.

Overall, an aesthetically pleasing shower screen is a great way of making sure that your bathroom stays splash-free whilst you have a nice shower. But there’s a huge selection of shower screens available on the market, so how can you possibly decide which one is the best for your space?

To help you make a confident buying decision, we’re giving you the rundown on some heavily demanded features that every bathroom shower screen must have.

Being outfitted with quality glass

A shower screen should be able to take some abuse. For this reason, your shower screen must come with grade-A safety glass. That way, you’ll lend the screen the durability and longevity it always deserves.

Having noise-free sliding doors

If you’re selecting a shower screen with sliding doors, then you have to make sure that their operation is as noise-free as possible. Besides operating noiselessly, these doors must even function smoothly. A sliding door that gets stuck while opening or closing will degrade the showering experience.

Complying with Australian safety standards

For making sure the shower screen is safe to use by children as well, it must be built to comply with predefined Australian safety standards. Most leading brands make sure that these shower screens are built according to some of the most stringent safety standards.

Installing and maintaining get easier and faster

Last but not least, a high-quality shower screen will always be easy to install and maintain. A shower screen’s durability, noiseless operations, and safety compliance will come to naught if it’s not easy to install and maintain. A shower screen should be quick to install with little or no downtime. In the same way, that shower screen should even be less costly to maintain.

But finding a good shower screen in Sydney that has all the features will never be easier when you have to sift through so many online shops.

And your search for the best online shops selling shower screens ends only at Austpek Bathrooms.

Shower screens at Austpek Bathrooms

Since 2000, Austpek Bathrooms has helped countless Australians buy the best shower screens in Sydney. At this online store, you’ll find a wide gamut of shower screens to choose from. Our extensive collection features framed shower screens, frameless bath screens, frameless shower screens, and semi-frameless shower screens.

Other than that, we offer shower screens in different shapes such as curved, diamond, wall-to-wall, and square to complement every bathroom space. You may get confused in finding the point of offering shower screens in different shapes. The variety of shower screen you will use will completely depend on exactly where your shower is located and which shape will it rest on.

Still confused about the need for shower screen varieties?

Here’s a case in point. If you have your shower above your bath, then having a semi-frameless screen that’ll rest alongside the showerhead will make sense. That way, your shower screen will successfully prevent most of the splashes coming to the floor.

Best of all, we provide screens that’ll never provide functionality on the cost of looks. Which is why, we make sure to provide only those shower screens that’ll improve the functionality, look, and feel of your bathing space like never before.

We know that investing in shower screens is for the long term. That’s why we source these screens from some of the leading brands that prioritize longevity and quality above everything else. So, what are you waiting for? Just take a look at our staggering array of shower screens and pick the one that fits your bathroom and budget like a glove.