A home that doesn’t have a proper toilet is incomplete. Whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or need to install a new one in your freshly built house, you’ll have to wade through a lot of toilet options out there.

And just because there are so many toilet options to choose from, it becomes extremely challenging to pick the right one. The thing is, a toilet should serve you for many years to come without having a sky-high maintenance cost.

To make your buying process even more challenging, many toilet brands just give tall claims and not deliver on their promises. So, here’s the bottom line: If you get subpar toilets, you’ll only regret buying them. Which is exactly why, it makes so much sense to get a good toilet from an exceptional brand.

When it comes to finding the most exceptional brand offering high-quality toilets, it sure comes down to TOTO. But why’s TOTO such a big deal in the sanitary landscape. Well, the answer lies in the unique features that TOTO toilets have. Basically, these extraordinary toilet features help this Japanese brand deliver new-age toilets that’ll serve users for many years to come.

So, in this explainer, we’re going to give you a complete rundown on the best features of TOTO toilets.

What makes TOTO toilets amazing in every sense of the word?

The game-changing flushing mechanism

Flushing is very important for any toilet. Every good toilet will have an exceptionally efficient flushing system that clears the waste content from the bowl in just a single flush. In terms of power, TOTO’s flushing system is matchless because a single flush has the capacity to clear away all the waste matter.

Other than having an efficient and powerful flushing mechanism, TOTO toilets aren’t very noisy either. Yes, the flushing mechanism in a TOTO toilet isn’t just powerful and water-efficient but even very silent as well.

Maintenance matters every time

Whenever you’re buying a TOTO toilet, there are multiple things to consider. And, for sure, maintenance is one among them. Other than maintenance, the availability of spare parts must also be factored in – just in case there are broken parts that need replacement.

And just because TOTO is a Japanese brand, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find its spare parts in Australia. Instead, finding spares for TOTO toilet isn’t challenging if you know an authorised distributor of this brand in the country. Even many home users and plumbers swear by the quality of TOTO toilets and say that this sanitary hardware is specifically easy to maintain. TOTO toilets don’t have too many cases of loose flushes and leakages, to be precise. That means when your bathroom is equipped with a TOTO toilet, you won’t have to spend your money on maintaining it.

Finding authentic TOTO toilets in Australia

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