TOTO washlet – why would you buy it when your traditional toilets doing fine?

Apart from the stylish look and flashy technology of TOTO washlets, there are several more advantages that a smart bidet toilet has got to offer you. To use a washlet us more far more sanitary than using toilet paper since it’s an absolutely hands-free experience. The TOTO washlet basically keeps itself maintained and clean with Ewater+ technology and premist feature. Along with these smart water disinfectants, the TOTO washlet will also smell nice and be sanitary. TOTO washlet helps you get rid of additional expense on toilet paper. With this in your bathroom, you will never have to worry about if you have gone out of toilet paper again.

While these features could be very much overpowering to regular toilet user, Austpek bathrooms recommend trying a TOTO washlet for yourself before you write it off quoting ‘too luxurious.’ You can visit our online shop, Austpek Bathrooms to buy a reasonably priced TOTO washlet today.

Here’s the light on the elaborate features of the TOTO washlet

Ewater+ technology

Ewater+ technology washes the toilet bowl and the bowl keep it clean and hygienic without involving you. Ewater has no chemical or any sort of cleaning agents that harm your indoor environment, health, plus outdoor environments. Ewater+ technology ensures peace of mind.


Premist has been designed to auto-spray water all over the inner surface of the toiletv bowl before you each use it. Because of the hydrophilic nature of the ceramic, wastes are washed away more easily than ever. Before and after every use, the want auto-washes itself with the ewater, and this self-cleaning happens around the exterior as well as inside the wand. Even when no one is using the toilet, the wand keeps periodically cleaning itself only to ensure maintained hygienic conditions.

Austpek Bathroom offers you TOTO washlet for the best price in today’s market. Now, you might wonder why you’d need such of a luxury bathroom itm, because all these features, of course, do not come at a friendly price.

Well, TOTO washlet would, of course, be a one-time investment, especially, if you are looking forward to a bathroom remodel or entire property remodel. It will not only ensure advanced hygiene but also boost your property’s market value. So, if you plan on selling your property and move to Europe, you can expect quite a hefty sum in return. However, with TOTO being one of the luxurious brands for bathroom products and accessories, you need to be smart enough to distinguish between fake TOTO products and original TOTO products. There are numerous online retailers that have acquired TOTO’s authorization to deal in their products, including TOTO washlet; Austpek Bathrooms is one of them. Shop for the best!


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