Sink mixers that upgrade the look and functionality of your space

Buying the right sink mixers will give your space a stunning look. But since there are so many sink mixers on the market, buying the right one is easier said than done. At Austpek Bathrooms, we want that buying a sink mixer shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we have a huge collection of branded mixers and three-piece sets for your bathroom and kitchen. Out collection is loved by customers for its exceptional design and easy operations. But let’s first understand what a basin mixer is. And then we’ll cover the benefits of getting a mixer at your place. In the end, we’ll cover the basic points that’ll help you buy sink mixers in Australia.


What’s a basin mixer?


Also known as a basin mixer, this is a form of tap that combines cold and hot water feeds. This way, a mixer will create a warm water feed that will come out from the spout. The best part? You can control the spout’s flow and attain the flow of your choice and manage the water temperature with twin handles or a single lever.


That means the lever or twin handles will help you do two functions:


  • Manage the flow of water
  • Control the water feed’s temperature



When you buy sink mixers in Australia or anywhere else, you simplify the process of getting comfortable, warm water. A sink mixer is one single tap—that means you don’t have to draw water from two separate hot and cold pillar taps.


A basin mixer will draw water directly from cold and hot water supplies and then mix the flow. Once the flow is mixed, the mixer will start pouring the warm water feed out from its single spout.


Now that you have an idea of what a sink mixer is and its functions, let’s understand the benefits of picking the right basin mixer tap.


The benefits of buying a sink mixer 


Here’s how a stylish basin mixer will add elegance and elevate the function of your bathroom.


High on style


Basin mixers carry a contemporary and sleek look that will modernise your space like never before. The handles of a sink mixer can be either levers or conventional rotating cross-head. The latter one gives the bathing or kitchen area a stylish oomph. On the other hand, the levers of a sink mixer effortlessly complement the modern look and feel of a space.


Versatility and control 


Two separate faucets mean you have two dedicated water flows—hot and cold—to manage. Unless you’re filling a bucket, basin, or bathtub, getting an optimum level of water temperature is quite challenging. And you can overcome the challenge with the help of a sink mixer. These mixers get their versatility from the fact that it helps you mix cold and hot water supplies and let the warm water feed flow out from a single spout. Besides letting you mix the flows of hot and cold water, a sink mixer will also help you control the water flow.


Convenience par excellence


The way you may wash your face and hands with cold water during summertime becomes impossible whenever harsh winter sets in. If you have two dedicated taps for running cold and hot water, then getting an ideal temperature gets too laborious. Besides, having dedicated spouts for warm and hot feeds brings the dangerous possibility of scalding. Not to mention, dedicated spouts are also dangerous for kids. On the contrary, a sink mixer will help you get an optimum temperature of a water feed easily. All in all, a sink mixer will help you get the precise flow of water with the desired temperature.


Economically yours 


A sink mixer comes equipped with a flow limiter for preventing too much water from being consumed from cold or hot water supplies at once. This is why a sink mixer will let you consume less hot water and cold water whenever you’re creating an ideal warm-water feed. Moreover, using less water will help you save your utility bills and head towards water conservation as well.


Things to keep in mind before you buy basin mixers


Know your budget


First things first, figure out your budget. You have to know how much dollars can you spend on buying your next sink mixer. That way, you’ll be able to short-list a mixer from a wide gamut of options and find the one that fits your bill.


Keep your space’s style in mind


Of course, you can’t buy a mixer that doesn’t lend style and elegance to your space. If you have a modern-looking space, then a mixer with an angular design will do justice to the overall look and feel of the area. On the other hand, a traditional-looking bathroom or kitchen will do well with an antique sink mixer.


Check the warranty and replacement policies


Before you buy your next basin mixer, you must check the return and replacement policies. If you’re buying your next sink mixer from us, rest assured that you’ll get customer-friendly replacement and return policies. No questions asked.


Austpek Bathrooms—a one-stop shop for laying hands on a large selection of sink mixers


We bring sink mixers and three-piece sets from leading brands, including Felton, Hellycar, Ikon, Inspire, Johnson Suisse, Linkware, Modern National, Phoenix, Puretec, and more. Our mixers and three-piece sets are available in a huge selection of colour options. Here are the available colourways: black, brushed bronze, brushed gold, brushed nickel, champagne, chrome, chrome/matte black, gun metal, matte black, brushed rose gold, white, and rose gold. Browse through the entire collection of sink mixers and find the one that will suit your needs, budget, and tastes. Happy shopping!


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