Here’s Everything That Makes TOTO Toilets Smart

TOTO, one of the global sanitary manufacturers from Japan, is consistently pushing the envelope for improving the toileting experience of the masses. TOTO has always been at the forefront of introducing next-gen sanitary technologies with its products. This way, TOTO is continually improving the way its users spend time in the bathrooms.

Because of its strong commitment to bringing new-age innovation into bathrooms around the world, TOTO has been named as the Water Efficiency Leader by the Environmental Protection Agency. To help you understand the kind of technology that TOTO is introducing in the world, let’s get a sneak peek into its different sanitary innovations that have taken the plumbing world by storm.

Flushing made water-efficient

TOTO has always been big on the idea of water conservation. That’s why it keeps introducing cutting-edge technologies to make flushing water-efficient. For example, TOTO has introduced gravity-based Tornado Flush technology for using less water to comprehensively clean the toilet. This toilet mechanism isn’t just powerful—it’s even quiet.

Giving sensational experience

TOTO has also included special sensors into its toilet seat. This way, sensors will detect the presence of foot anywhere near the toilet and will lift open the lid. Because of this reason, the sensors on the toilet will help make the whole toileting experience hands-free. Not to mention, the presence of these special sensors on the toilet seat will make the toileting experience hygienic with a capital H.

 Experiencing an auto-ware toilet

 TOTO brings innovation in the auto-ware toilet that comes packed with a high-tech personal cleaning system. This system is engineered to automatically memorise to its users’ preferences and offer warm-aerated water for cleansing and refreshing them. This way, TOTO toilets are an eco-friendly option because they’re designed to bring down the use of toilet paper.

 Elevating the levels of cleanliness

 CeFiONtect—TOTO’s game-changing technology—helps create a nano-scale glaze for creating an ionized, super-smooth barrier for avoiding particles to adhere to porcelain. This way, CeFiONtect brings down the need for using harmful cleaning agents.

 Finding the best TOTO toilets in Brisbane

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